How to become a Buddhist

How to become a Buddhist

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More and more people are wondering how to become a Buddhist. But it is really possible to learn with a simple guidehow to become a Buddhist? Is there a recipe or a personal path that applies to everyone or maybe we are facing something more complicated?

The first thing we recommend you do if you really want to become a Buddhist is certainly to inform you about what it means to be a Buddhist.

Buddhism: what it is

Buddhism is a rather broad religion and philosophy of life, which certainly cannot be summarized in a few passages. You can still begin to understand what it means to be a Buddhist through the reading of essays and texts that you can find in bookstores and on the internet, and which will help you understand what inner changes you can follow in order to follow this philosophy.
In doing so, take your time. Becoming a Buddhist means also don't be in a hurry to get to your destination!
The path to following and respecting the principles of this faith can be quite slow, requiring you to think deeply about what you will find written in the texts you will read.

To understandwhat is Buddhismand what it really meansbecome BuddhistI suggest you read the book "Buddhism for Beginners ".Don't be fooled by the title: it's not really for beginners but it's aimed at everyone, he reiteratesBuddhist teachingsof meditation andinner peacereached through theawareness. The paper book can be bought for 4.98 euros on Amazon or can be downloaded for free in digital version from “this Amazon address“.

Buddhist associations

In these situations, you may also feel the need to confront someone. Well, just get in touch with the Buddhist associations which are certainly also present in your city or province.
If you can't find them, you can take a look at the sites of the Italian Buddhist Union (, or perhaps that of Buddhists in Europe ( Since these are portals that bring together Buddhist groups and associations present throughout the Italian / European territory, you will certainly find what you are looking for.

Also in this case, allow us a little advice: in your approach to the world of Buddhism through the associations that bring together those who follow this philosophy, do not have any concern. Start attending these centers gradually and with the right amount of curiosity that will be required of you. Do not be afraid and afraid to ask questions, perplexities, doubts, questions of all kinds. You will surely find a lot of availability towards you!

How to become a Buddhist

The small daily changes. To become a Buddhist you can also start making small daily changes in your habits.

These are positive changes, which are certainly not limited to the Buddhist faith, and which for this reason you can embrace with even greater conviction during this inner journey.

For example, to start your journey towards the Buddhist philosophy you can simply open up more towards your neighbor, practicing attitudes marked by goodness and generosity. Do not be indifferent to others: the common good can certainly be a good business card for a change of sure impact.

Again, you've probably noticed that the Buddhism is strongly linked to the use of meditation and, above all, the approach zazen (from "za", "sit down" and "zen", "concentration").

Also in this area there are no specific recipes, although the meditation schools will certainly be of great help to you. While waiting to get in touch with them, try to assume a sitting position that you can really find comfortable, and concentrate through deep abdominal breathing (that is, widening the diaphragm).
By doing so, you will probably notice that your mind will be anything but concentrated, but it will be continually invaded by distractions.

Buddhist meditation

Well, a first exercise for proper meditation is to clear your mind of such distractions. Try to concentrate on breathing only, focusing all your attention on the flow of air that enters and leaves your body. If doing so you will still be targeted by extraneous thoughts, don't give up and start over.

On the sidelines of this, we do not confirm that you can become a Buddhist expert, but you will surely have taken the first useful steps towards a path that many people have already taken, and that you too could find very useful.
Finally, remember that the comparison with those who have already taken this path, and who may be living the life inside the Italian Buddhist associations or centers, could constitute a sure added value. Do not forget!

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