When to take a pregnancy test

When to take a pregnancy test

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To result in apositive or negative pregnancy testwith responsereliable,it is necessary to choose the right times. Today we will explain to youwhen is it best to take a pregnancy testin consideration of the urinary levels ofbeta HCG. Let's start from this.

Pregnancy test: when to do it. Calculation starting from the last intercourse or from the presumed date of the menstrual cycle.

Beta hCG

Therechorionic gonadotropin(hCG is the acronym forHuman chorionic gonadotropin) is a hormone produced by the embryo in the early stages of development. We talk aboutbeta hCGbecause this hormone is made up of two different subunits, α and β. The subunitbetais specific to each hormone and for this reason thepregnancy testis carried out by detecting the presence ofbeta hCGin the blood or urine.

A positive pregnancy testis related to the presence ofbeta hCG. The presence ofhCGinurineindicates the implantation of the embryo (conception, early pregnancy).

When to take a pregnancy test

It is important to understand when to take a pregnancy testto get areliable result.

You probably don't know, but from the end of the sexual intercourse, it takes about 24 hours before the real onefertilization. The reason? The uterus is not the fertilization site. The spermatozoa, from the ejaculate expulsion site, will have to reach the ovary: this is where fertilization takes place. This journey takes many hours, which is why there arebirth control sprays(spermicide), capable of neutralizing the fecund seminal fluid before reaching the fertilization site.

It is clear that if thepregnancy testif performed 24 hours after intercourse, it will give a negative result. The situation does not change after the first 48 hours, nor after the first few days. But who doesn't want to wait for amenstrual cycle delay, when can i take a pregnancy test?

When to take a pregnancy test after intercourse?

The pregnancy tests that can be found in the Pharmacy or purchased on Amazon are very reliable. Generally, a positive pregnancy test can be confirmed with a further blood test, at the same time as checking for other parameters.

In the urine, the molecule of hCG is already detectable approx 10 days after conception/ relationship. So for a regular 28 day cycle, the pregnancy test can be done from the twenty-fourth day from the beginning of the menstrual cycle.

When is it best to take a pregnancy test?

To locate the moment best to take pregnancy test, i.e. the period in which the test can return a certain result, a lot depends on two factors:

  • Personal menstrual cycle
  • Pregnancy test used

For example, in the case of the latterClearblue pregnancy testit is possible to carry out self-diagnosis even 5 days before the alleged date of menstruation: you do not have to wait for the delay.

Others pregnancy test less sensitive to the molecule ofhCG, on the other hand, they require longer waiting times and to make them you will have to wait for the first day of delay.

So to establish,after how long to take the pregnancy test, it is advisable to rely on the supplied booklet inserted in the chosen pregnancy test.

When to take a pregnancy test before your period

5 days before your period in case of the Clearblue pregnancy test. Alternatively, read on the test purchase package.

But how to do in case ofirregular menstrual cycle?
In this case, acalculationbased on the last unprotected relationship. Wait 10 - 11 days after intercourse.

How do you know if you are pregnant?

Is simple. The digital pregnancy tests show you the words "Pregnant" or "Not pregnant". The classic tests, on the other hand, have a legend with two symbols, one equivalent topositive pregnancy test(pregnant) and one to negative (not pregnant). In this case it is advisable to check the legend of the symbols. In case of theClearblue testthe cross symbol (+) indicates an ongoing pregnancy (positive, you are pregnant!).

Pregnancy test: when to do it

To give you a certain time window, I tell you when to take the test based on the sensitivity of Clearblue. We are referring to this pregnancy test because it is among the most reliable and sensitive, so it is able to detect pregnancy even before the period (indeed, the alleged date of arrival of the menstrual cycle). When to do it?

  • At least 10 days following intercourse
  • 5 days before the menstrual cycle

Where to buy this test?

The clearblue test can be bought in any pharmacy but if you are embarrassed or want to save money, you can also do it online, on Amazon. You will receive it in an anonymous package.

How much? The most advanced model (which also tells you how many weeks you've been pregnant) can be bought with 9.86 euros (free shipping) and two pregnancy tests come out in the package. For all information, I refer you to the official product page: Clarblue, pack of 2 tests.

The test is easy to interpret because I pointed out the one with a digital detector: the message "Pregnant" in case ofpositive pregnancy test or "not pregnant"In the absence of the hCG hormone.

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