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Eyebrow tints

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Let's talk about theeyebrow tint: which are the best and what the experts recommend. Comparison between DIY dyes and natural tattoos.

For some years now, makeup artists from all over the world have been focusing attention on eyebrow aesthetics. It is well known: the gaze is the main weapon of seduction and theeyebrow architecture it can enhance the depth of the gaze until it becomes magnetic.

There are those who want to change the shape of the eyebrows and who, on the other hand, just wants to eliminate the presence of the first white hairs. In this case, theeyebrow tintsthey can be fundamental, especially when natural. Yes, if until some time ago, fashion saw more rigid rules (thin and thin eyebrows), today natural-looking, thick and healthy eyebrows are back in the limelight. Natural colors such ashenna dyes for eyebrowsthey can be an excellent point of arrival.

Eyebrow tints

On the market there are a good number ofeyebrow dyes, of the most disparate brands. It is true that there are solutions fortint the eyebrowswith DIY, however, just like with hair, we recommend that you contact a professional in the sector. If you really want to do it yourself: remember to choose oneeyebrow tint! Eyebrow dyes are different from those used for hair. TheDIY eyebrow tintsthey have onedurationlower than those proposed by professionals in the sector so you will find yourself having to follow the procedure several times.

Why can't hair dye be used to dye eyebrows? Because hair dyes are much more aggressive and the skin on the face is different from the scalp. As aggressive as they are, hair dyes may cause your eyebrow hair to fall out.

Not only professionals cantint the eyebrowsbut also modeling its shape, drawing arches, chasing the much-loved gull wings or simply correcting defects and thickening the eyebrows.

How to dye your eyebrows

After purchasing a specific product, prepare it as indicated on the label. You should get a spread in small doses. The shutter speeds are generally 5 - 10 minutes. To avoid any damage to the skin, we recommend that you do the eyebrow dye in small steps: apply the cream, wait three minutes and rinse. Repeat this process over and over again.

Remember that the dyes you find on the market are not very delicate and you could risk getting colors that are too heavy. By reducing the shutter speed and repeating the procedure several times, you will be sure to achieve the desired result.

If you have to shave your eyebrows, this procedure must take place after the dyeing to avoid sensitizing the treated area. Theeyebrow tintsthat you find on the market can cause redness and, in the long run, hypersensitize the skin.

Among the various products on the market, I point out "to this Amazon page", a good oneeyebrow tint natural brown color. From direct experience, I can tell you that it has an excellent duration but, as stated, at least for the first few times decrease the shutter speed so as to ensure that you reach the desired shade gradually.

Eyebrow tint: which color to choose

It is important to choose a natural color, the shade closest to that of the hair.

Eyebrow tint: henna tattoo

The henna tattoo fortint the eyebrowsit is very different from a simple dye. The practice is more like microblanding explained in the next paragraph.

The tattoo should be preferred to the classic eyebrow tint for those with sparse and fine hair. With the henna tattoo, the eyebrows will be outlined and will appear healthy and thick. It is a rather new technique in Italy. This thickening has a duration ranging from 1 to 2 months.

Eyebrow tattoo: microblading

Microblading is a technique that promises perfectly outlined eyebrows and without the need for further retouching other than the so-called "color references".

Is it painful? The answer depends on subjective tolerance. Like any tattoo, a sterile and very thin needle is used which injects colored pigments under the skin.

The microblanding tattoo is done with different types of dyes, artificial or natural. The problem is that the pigments injected under the skin are not stable… at least not for everyone. The result of this technique and I am speaking from direct experience - as well as from experiences reported on the forums - is anything but lasting. The duration of the microblanding eyebrow tattoo varies according to the skin type.

How long does the microblanding eyebrow tattoo last?
The duration should be semi-permanent so as to eliminate the need for eyebrow tints, with a "color recall" to be done every 6 or 12 months. This means that once or twice a year, the color of the tattoo should be renewed. What happens if I don't renew my eyebrow tattoo color? Experts say it should disappear spontaneously but in reality the color tends to turn red and it takes years for it to lighten.

Unfortunately, in many cases the color of the tattoo (even if done with the best pigments on the market) tends to lighten within two or three months, forcing the user to undergo more sessions than reported or to wait many years before to see the traces of the old color completely disappeared. This is why it is important to have a clear discussion with the expert before proceeding with this solution.



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