How to wash duvets

How to wash duvets

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Goose down, as well as duck down, are widely used for the production of jackets, duvets, cushion fillings and blankets. Generally, those who buy a piece of real goose or duck down try to postpone the time of washing as much as possible; yes, but it cannot be put off forever. When that time comes and you have towash the duvet, do you know what to do? We will explain it to you.

Premise: the advice you find on this page are valid for both jackets, blankets and duvets made with natural feather. In addition, we anticipate that it is not only important how to wash these garments but also the detergent you use and how you dry them.

How to wash goose down in the washing machine

Each garment has its own needs, so before taking any initiative, take a look at the label of yoursduvet. You will find symbols shown below.

The first three symbols are related to thewash and represents a stylized bucket. In the first case, the duvet can be machine washed, in the second case (crossed-out bucket) theduvethe just wants a dry cleaning. In the third case (bucket with hand) the duvetcan only be washed by hand.

You will find associated with this symbol a number that indicates the maximum temperature tolerated bygoose. For theduvets, in general, we recommend:

  • Cold wash
  • Wash at 30 °
  • Wash at 40 °

Can the duvet be bleached? No, and generally we do not recommend any chlorine-based detergent. To provide us with information on thebleachingis the triangle. If the triangle is empty, then green light for the use of bleach. If the triangle is filled with two oblique lines, you can use oxygen bleach. The crossed out triangle is probably the symbol you will find on yoursduvetas the upholstery fabrics do not tolerate bleaching.

Finally, let's move on to the symbols with the circle in the square. These represent the dryer. Theduvet can be dried in the dryer? In general, this practice is recommended only for particular items in goose down because this material prefers natural drying. Returning to the washing machine symbols:

  • If there is a central point, you will have to use reduced temperatures
  • If there are two dots, you can dry it in normal temperatures
  • If the circle is crossed out, you cannot use the dryer

If you notice other symbols, please read: symbols on the label.

Down jacket, how to wash it by hand or in the washing machine

It is clear that a lot of information onhow to wash the duvetare contained in the duvet itself! Break up the inside of the lining and look for the label for information on possible washing

The purpose of your wash must be only one: to preserve the elasticity of the feathers and not to make the feathers lose their shape and natural softness.

For this, you will not only have to pay attention to the type of wash but also to the detergent. Common detergents are not suitable for duvetsbecause they tend to stiffen and harden the feathers. If you want the feathers to remain soft and fluffy, use a specific detergent. Among the many on the market, from direct experience, we point out the "Down Wash Heitmann", it is a little advertised German product in fact a package can be bought on Amazon for only 6.97 euros. There is no lack of other detergents for goose down but the cost is around 10 euros.

For all the info, please refer to the Amazon page: Heitmann bottle.

For transparency, we tell you that our website has no connection with the manufacturer of the aforementioned duvet detergent, so feel free to choose the detergent that you think is valid.

How to wash duvets in

Having clarified the main points relating to the washing temperature and washing, let's move on to the guide onhow to wash duvets in the washing machine.

  1. Set a program with just warm water (20 ° or 30 °)
  2. Load the washing machine with a detergent dedicated to duvets and padded items like the one shown above
  3. If it's the only item, add a couple of towels to the basket or 3-4 tennis balls.
  4. Start the wash by deactivating the spin cycle or, if allowed on the label, set to minimum (400 - 600).

Drying is an important phase:

  • Let theduvetcompletely flat, so don't hang it on the drying rack as you would other clothes.
  • The duvet must be as open and relaxed as possible, otherwise the feathers will tend to accumulate only in some areas, pushed by the weight of the water.
  • Do not dry the duvet in the sun and above all do not export to direct heat sources such as the radiator.
  • Place the duvet to dry in a well-ventilated area.

If you want insteadwash the duvet by handcan:

  • Use a specific detergent like the one mentioned above.
  • Soak the duvet in the tub or large container.
  • Rinse the duvet thoroughly and in several times. To have a good result, equal to what thewashing the duvet in the washing machine, get ready to do 6 - 7 rounds of rinsing.
  • Remember that for hand washing you will need large quantities of water.

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If you bought yours duvet from decathlon, this large distributor has also made available a guide to washing his duvets. For completeness we also offer you his video onhow to wash duvets.

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