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Abandoned dog: who to call and what to do if you found a dog on the highway or abandoned in any public area. Fines for those who abandon dogs.

Abandoning cats and dogsit's a crime. I begin by telling you that what is valid for aabandoned dog, also applies to a abandoned cat in the street. The rules are the same, as are the penalties provided and thenumber to contact.

Fine for dog or cat abandonment

L'abandonment of the dog or catis considered a criminal offense governed by art. 727 of the Criminal Code. The article provides for very serious penalties: arrest of up to one year or a fine of up to 10,000 euros.

Unfortunately, the data onabandonment of dogs and cats in Italythey are very alarming. It is estimated that, every year, about 60,000 animals are abandoned in our country with a sharp increase in the summer. How to report the abandonment of a dog? If you see a man who is abandoning a dog, immediately alert the police by reporting the license plate number of whoever is committing the crime and the place of abandonment. If the person who committed the crime is no longer there, you candenouncethe fact.

If on the one hand that whoever commits the crime ofabandonment of animals, on the other hand there are those who find them ... here the question arises: I found an abandoned dog, what should I do?I'll explain it to you right away!

Abandoned dog: what to do

It depends on the state of health of the abandoned cat or dog. If the animal is in good health, you can approach it gently and retrieve it. You will need to go to the Police Forces or the ASL Veterinary Service for denounce L'abandonment, these organs will then provide for the reception of the dog (or cat) by transferring the animal to a kennel (or cattery!). On each territory there are municipal or affiliated kennels and catteries that host the found dogswaiting for a family.

If the dog is frightened and aggressive, you cannot provide the transport yourself. You will need to contact the municipal or affiliated kennel, or call the local ASL.

If the dog is injured, you will need to approach with the utmost caution and urgently transfer him to the nearest vet or hospital.ASL Veterinary Service. You will also have to do it on Sunday: veterinarians and ASL veterinary services haveobligationto intervene even at night or during holidays when foundling animals are involved (not owned, abandoned).

Wounded abandoned dog: who pays for treatment

It is advisable to contact the veterinary service of the ASL or contact the district kennel with which the Municipality has an agreement which may have its own veterinarian. If the dog is taken to a private veterinarian, the costs of treatment should be borne by the municipal kennel or kennel affiliated with the municipality. Each Municipality has, by obligation, municipal or affiliated kennels for the management of the problem of stray dogs.

Dog abandoned on the highway or in the street

If thedoghas beenabandoned on the highwayor near onebusy road, this represents a danger for itself and for the roads. In this case you will have to contact the Traffic Police (if on the motorway), the Municipal Police (if in the city center or secondary roads), in any case thenumber to callis 113.

Accident with abandoned dog

As I explained to you, adog abandoned on the highwayor in the middle of a busy street, it can pose a great danger to oneself and to others. A dog or a cat can cause accidents and often unfortunate motorists, even if they fully respect the speed limits and the requirements of the highway code, can find themselves hitting a passing dog on the highway.

"I hit an abandoned dog and I don't know what to do"

Hitting an abandoned dog is not a crime but it is running away without giving help. If a dog or cat was injured as a result of a collision with your car, failing to do so makes you punishable by law. The fine, if you run away without giving help (failure to help), ranges from 413 to 1656 euros. The law is clear in this regard: according to Article 189 of the D.L. 205/1992, if you have hit an abandoned dogor you hit a cat, you have an obligation to stop and "implement every suitable measure to ensure rescue intervention for animals that have suffered the damage ". Also in this case, therefore, you will need to transport the injured animal to the veterinary service of the ASL or the nearest veterinarian.

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