How to clean mullet

How to clean mullet

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How to clean mullets: mullets have many thorns, let's see how they can be cleaned and fillet. Advice on recipes for cooking mullet.

Is the mullet a blue fish?

No. Let's clarify immediately that the words "blue fish"Born only for commercial purposes, it has no systematic value. Theremulletit's awhite fishbecause it has white, tender and low-fat meats. Even the wording "white fish", just like "blue fish" is only a commercial definition, so often someblue fishthey are also called "white fish" for the leanness of the meat. For the list of blue fish, I refer you to the page "how to clean blue fish", each fish, in fact, requires special knowledge and techniques to beclean and filleted.

Red mullet and mud mullet

Not everyone knows but ... lemulletthat we find on the market are of different varieties. The best known are the "red mullets" and "mud mullets".

Thered mulletthey are considered more valuable: they have tastier meat and have a redder color (intense red with light yellow streaks on the sides). Themullet of mudthey are those that are fished on the seabed, they have less valuable meats because their diet is based above all on what they find by moving the sand in the murky bottoms. They are recognized above all by observing the mouthparts: they weigh the front part of the head more blunt. Regardless of the type ofmullet, both ofrockthat ofmud, the rules forfilletisto cleanthisfishThey do not change!

How to clean the mullet

Clean the mulletsit's very simple:

  1. Use scissors to remove the gill, ventral, and dorsal fins.
  2. Hold the fish by turning its belly upwards and, again with scissors, starting near the anal fin, cut along the belly and remove the entrails.
    N.B .: The cut must go from the proximity of the anal fin to the head of the fish (up to the gills).
  3. Finally, you will have toscale the mullet, to do this use a knife (but not on the side of the blade) and rub the "not sharp" part on the body of the fish. Also in this case the sense of movement must go from the tail towards the head.
  4. To scale the mullet you will have to be delicate because the meat, if you make sudden movements or excessive pressure, tend to break.

Once cleaned and scaled, you canto frythemulletin plenty of boiling oil (preferably extra virgin olive oil). You can get the biggest mulletsfillet!

How to fillet the mullet

Mullets are not very big, so I suggest you continue with thefilletingonly with larger specimens. Themullet filletlends itself well to many dishes, of course… you can fry the mullet fillets after breading them, but you can also use them for more daring preparations.

How to cook the mullet?

With a good risotto or, more simply, after a light grill, flavoring the fish with an emulsion of oil, garlic, lemon and aromatic herbs. Without wandering too far, let's see how to fillet fish without wasting meat.

Remember that themullet has many thorns, for this, in addition to a good flexible knife you will need pliers. What do you need to fillet the fish?

  • Fish fillet knife (it has a thin and flexible blade).
  • Pliers to remove the bones.

Don't worry, if you don't already have a fillet knife and pliers, you won't have to spend a lot. A fish fillet knife with an excellent quality / price ratio can be bought on Amazon at a price of € 7.89 with free shipping. For all information, I invite you to visit “this Amazon page“. Of course, on the market you will find many more noble and expensive ones, but don't think about the brand, focus on the blade: it must be as thin and flexible as possible, otherwise you waste too much meat.

Bone-removing pliers are also not expensive. If you already have kitchen tongs, you can only use them if they have a nice flat tip. If to choose the knife you have to observe the flexibility and thickness of the blade, to choose a good pliers you will have to observe the tips that must be flat, wide and offer a good grip. Also in this case, for the sake of completeness, I would like to point out excellent pliers: on "this Amazon page" you buy 2 pliers with 11.99 euros and free shipping costs.

How to fillet the mullet?

  1. Start from the head, make a deep incision along the entire back keeping the blade firmly and in direct contact with the fish's backbone.
  2. As you score, lift the fillet until it comes off. Remember to accompany the cut from the backbone of the fish so as not to leave meat attached.
  3. Turn themulletand, this time start from the tail, repeating the operation so as to separate the second fillet. Then with the first cut (from head to tail) you detach the dorsal part of the meat and with the second cut (from tail to head) you detach the lower fillet of the fish.
  4. Repeat the process for the other side of the fish.
  5. With your fingers, feel the thread to locate the bones (there are many especially in the anterior area) and extract them with pliers.

Finally, rinse your fillet and let it dry before cooking.

How to clean the fish

As stated, each fish includes cuts and techniques for ad hoc filleting. To discoverhow to clean and fillet the fish, I refer you to the different specific guides:

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