Rust of the pear tree

Rust of the pear tree

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Rust of the pear tree: how to get rid of pear rust, photos of affected leaves and remedies to avoid the spread of the disease. Remedies to eliminate pear tree diseases.

Rust and scab of the pear tree

Thererust, together withpear scab, are two of the most common fungal diseases. There pear scab it is caused by the fungusVenturia pyrine, while thepear rustis linked to the activity of the lesser known fungus,Gymnosporangium sabinae. It is not a case thatrust and scabthey are diseases - albeit caused by different fungi - also typical of apple trees, medlar trees and roses. These plants, in fact, have many characteristics in common and belong to the Rosaceae family. If you have already dealt with one of these diseases on roses, medlar or apple trees, know that you can use the same products for treatment. For more information on the remedies to eliminate pear scab, I refer you to the article "scab of apple and pear ".

Pear rust, natural remedies

Therepear rust it is a cryptogamic disease caused by the fungusGymnosporangium sabinae. This disease is not present throughout the boot: it mainly affects pear trees grown in hilly and mountain areas (it is rarer in coastal areas and in the plains). Its diffusion, in fact, has been associated with the presence of juniper plants. Juniper is a shrub species that can host the Gymnosporangium sabinae fungus without being clearly infected with it (acts as a vector).

The fungus goes through a phase of its life cycle precisely on junipers: if there is a juniper near your orchard, say in a radius of 200 - 300 meters, it is very likely that your pear trees are attacked by rust. The definitive solution consists in eliminating the juniper plants so as to cut off the life cycle of the fungus and prevent the appearance of the disease on the pear tree upstream.

The elimination of juniper plants is anatural remedyeffective but not always adoptable: if the juniper is located in an adjacent private property or in an area where the shrub is recognized as a protected species, it cannot be eliminated. So how to do it? By performing specific treatments.

How to get rid of pear rust

Earlier we talked about thescab of pear and apple treesand this was no coincidence. In fact, these are cryptogamic diseases that can be controlled using the same remedies.

The treatment performed in the summer to prevent and combat thepear scabit can also have an excellent preventive effect againstrust.

In summary? Foreliminate rustjust perform treatments with copper-based products, to prevent its appearance, you can perform treatments in early summer which, at the same time, protect theHoweverfrom rust and scab. The treatment, both for preventive and curative purposes, must be carried out keeping an eye on the weather forecast: the treatment againstpear rustit should be done just after a rain, or from 24 to 36 hours before a precipitation.

After the first treatment it is necessary to wait 15 days, monitor the condition of the plant and, if necessary, carry out a second intervention.

Which anticryptogram to use? On the market there are many copper-based products that can be used to neutralize pear tree diseases. Among the many, I point out theBordeaux mixture, a product based on arms sulphate partially neutralized with lime.

Bordeaux mixture is a copper-based product permitted in organic farming. It can easily be found at agricultural consortia, resellers of plant protection products, garden centers and nurseries, or you can buy it using the online purchase: on Amazon, for example, a 1 kg bag of Bordeaux mixture can be bought at a price of 12.33 euros with free shipping costs. For all information on the product mentioned, I refer you to the Amazon page:Bordeaux mixture Sleeve.

How to carry out the treatment?

Just mix 120 grams of product with 10 liters of water and sprinkle all over the plant. 120 gr is the recommended dosage to eliminate thepear rust, while 70 grams per 10 liters of water are enough for prevention. The same product is also very useful in case of other pear diseases such as Septoria, Monilia, branch cancers, brown spots and, as already mentioned, scab.

If the orchard is very large, you can prepare the Bordeaux mixture yourself by combining copper sulphate and calcium hydroxide (slaked lime), in the doses and following the instructions on the page:DIY Bordeaux mixture.

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