How to wash the skin

How to wash the skin

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How to wash the skin: tips for cleaning one leather jacket or one bag, washing in washing machine or by hand. Useful tips for cleaning genuine leather or faux leather.

Jackets andleather jacketsthey cannot be washed in the washing machine: real leather is very delicate and continuous contact with the drum, even with delicate programs, would cause serious damage to the fabric.

Only thewashing machinesmore recent - which have a delicate wash so as to be comparable to washing "by hand" - can allow you towash leather jackets and jackets in the washing machine. Under no circumstances should suede shoes, belts or bags be added to the washing machine drum.

Whether you wash it by hand or in the washing machine, it is important for the leather to use a specific detergent. Common detergents are too muchalkaline, that is, they have too high a pH for theskin, me too'faux leather badly tolerates common laundry detergents.

How to wash the skin

Let it be onebagor ajacket, to wash your skin make sure you:

  • Read the garment label and wash it in the washing machine only if the label allows it.
  • Wash by hand or with an extremely delicate washing machine program or dry clean if the garment in question cannot come into contact with water.
  • Use a specific detergent for the skin.

Common laundry detergents end up incrack the skinor deteriorate it. Make sure you use a suitable detergent like the ones you find on "this Amazon page", where there are also products for clean bags and leather jacketsand conditioners to soften it so as to prevent cracking, also useful for genuine leather car interiors.

Note that some soaps are suitable for dry cleaning or work as a conditioner to soften and moisturize your leather jackets!

How to wash the skin?

Be it a bag or aleather pants, at the time ofwash, never rub the fabric!

Even if theskinit is stained, it is important not to rub!

If it is a simple bag, just wipe with a damp cloth well wrung out with a specific product. If it is a jacket or trousers, immerse the garment completely in water: if the problem is not stains on the skin, but bad smells, keep in mind that a good remedy to eliminate bad smells from the skin is not baking soda or olive oil, as reported by some websites…. To eliminate the smell of smoke from a leather jacket or the bad smell of sweat, when simple water is not enough you can add a couple of glasses of white wine vinegar.

Vinegar is great for cleaning the skin and eliminating bad odors, it is also extremely volatile, so if you let the garment dry in a well-ventilated place, even the vinegar smell will disappear within a few hours.

Please note: jackets, trousers and other leather garments must be washed in reverse, that is, inside out (turn it so that the inside of the jacket or trousers is outside).

After washing:

  1. Put the leather jacket (or the pants) on a dry towel and roll the towel up on itself so as to wring the garment without exerting direct friction. Thereskinit tends to wear out easily.
  2. Once the superfluous water has been removed, lay the garment on a hanger, making sure that the lower edges do not deform. Generally it is the weight of the water that deforms the garment, so once the excess water is removed it will be easier to dry!
  3. Let the skin dry in a temperate, ventilated and bright place, avoid direct sun. Avoid drying the leather on radiators or direct sources of heat as they could deform the leather or damage it.

How to dry clean your skin

These tips forwash the skinare valid for bothto cleanthe classic leather is forclean the suede. For suede, in general, only dry cleaning is recommended, with special sprays.

How to wash the faux leather

L'faux leatherit is much more resistant than leather, has greater resistance and wears out more difficult. Also in this case you can rely on vinegar for cleaning. You can wash thefaux leatherby hand using a neutral detergent (even a neutral shampoo is fine!).

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