Giant michetta to save the sea in Milano Food City

Giant michetta to save the sea in Milano Food City

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A "giant michetta"Appeared in the heart of Milan, in Piazza XXV Aprile, a stone's throw from Corso Como, as part of the initiatives for Milan Food City.

This is an installation created with the "Sky A sea to save" with the purpose of raise awareness among Milanese citizens to minimize the use of single-use plastic, to commit to proper separate collection and to prefer recyclable or refillable products.

Sky started by giving a good example by starting processes for eliminate all single-use plastics from its operations, products and supply chains by 2020.

There giant michetta (it occupies an area of ​​25 square meters!) can be photographed from 7 to 13 May, the period in which the "Milano Food City" initiatives take place within which the realization of this installation is framed for which 10 days of work.

But think that the sea would take 500 years to dispose of every single single-use plastic component with which the installation was made!

To make known and promote the #MicaSpreco installation, a Facebook page dedicated where, in addition to finding information on the event, users will be able to retrace the history of the "Un Mare da Salvare" project that Sky has dedicated to the oceans with ad hoc content.

Plastic is in fact one of the main sources of pollution that risks ending up in the stomach of fish from the sea and therefore in the food we consume every day.

With many small daily gestures, such as the choice of glass bottles. the reuse of leftovers from the day before to create new dishes avoiding waste in the kitchen and proper recycling, each of us can make a contribution in the fight against the pollution of our seas.

For my part, I in turn try to lead by example with these small daily actions and with the articles we publish on our IdeeGreen, for which I feel a great responsibility, considering that we have over 130,000 readers every day!

IdeeGreen has also been a B-Corp and a certified Benefit Company since 2017, so our commitment to protecting the environment is defined starting from our statute!

Below I propose the video I shot yesterday live on the occasion of my visit to the "giant michetta" #MicaSpreco in Piazza XXV Aprile, hoping that you too can contribute to spreading this campaign by raising awareness among your friends and social contacts ...

There michetta it was chosen as a symbol of a typically Milanese food and as bread is one of the staple foods of the Mediterranean diet, together with fruit, vegetables and fish.

Always in the context of Milan Food City, Sky has also launched a second initiative a Rogoredo S. Giulia, the district where Sky has its headquarters: the Municipality invites citizens to weigh themselves on a gigantic scale and then transform the total weight reached during the whole event into foodstuffs, which will be donated by large retailers to associations that deal with solidarity and fight against waste. Sky actively participates in the initiative by involving its employees.

10 years ago Sky also became the first carbon neutral media company in the world and is currently listed in the top 8 sustainable companies in the Newsweek Green Rankings, Silver Class in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index and included in the FTSE4Good.

My selfie taken yesterday in front of the "giant michetta" #MicaSpreco

#MicaSpreco #UnMareDaSavare

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