Asparagus in oil, how to make them

Asparagus in oil, how to make them

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Recipe of asparagus in oiland variants based on seasonal cultures (Sardinian, Neapolitan or classic recipe). How to use asparagus in oil to make pasta, for salads or in other recipes.

Which variety to use to make asparagus in oil?

Before giving you therecipe for asparagus in oil, I want to give you some more information on the varieties you find on the market. Sure, if you have one cultivation of asparagus in the garden, regardless of the variety, to make them in oil you can use those! All varieties of asparagus they lend themselves to conservation in oil.

Thewhite asparagus, especially those DOP from Bassano, has a characteristic light flavor on the palate. The taste is more delicate than green asparagus, so they are less suitable for preservation in oil. If you have white asparagus, I suggest you blanch them lightly, sauté them in a pan with butter and serve them with fried eggs and blue cheese fondue!

For theasparagus in oil, better to use the green type. There are those who recommend the use of wild asparagus. Be careful, wild asparagus in oil can also be a gem in some regional recipes (for example, the wild asparagus in oil they are widely used in Sardinia and by us in Campania), however it is important to say that wild asparagus have a more steppe consistency and can be enhanced better in risotto or omelettes, expertly enriched with cheeses. For the preparation of asparagus in oil, use a fleshy green asparagus, the result will be guaranteed ... by me! ;) Regardless of the type of asparagus you choose (wild, meaty green or white), the recipe doesn't change.

How to make asparagus in oil

Here are the ingredients for the classic recipe, enriched with only a few cloves of garlic to flavor the oil. Here how to make asparagus in oil:

  • 1 kg of asparagus
  • 200 ml of white wine vinegar
  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • extra virgin olive oil to cover the asparagus in the jar
  • salt
  • white pepper in grains

To further flavor the oil, you can add 4 sprigs of parsley. ThereSardinian recipefor thewild asparagus in oilit does not require the use of peppercorns, nor parsley. In the Sardinian recipe, hot peppers and oil are added. Instead, I advise you to use only garlic and a few peppercorns.

Asparagus in oil, how to make them

Clean the asparagus and remove the terminal part of the stem, the most fibrous one.

Boil some salted water in a cooking pot. When boiling, add the vinegar, blanch the asparagus for 8-10 minutes, depending on the desired final consistency. To understand this, after 8 minutes of cooking, sacrifice an asparagus and taste it, so you will get an idea and understand if it is still too fibrous or tender enough for your palate.

Once cooked, drain and dry well on a clean towel. When theasparagusthey will be cold and dry, you can continue with the preparation.

Place the asparagus, with the tips pointing upwards, in sterile jars large enough to accommodate the whole asparagus for its height. Add a clean piece of garlic and, if you wish, a few grains of white pepper and some dry parsley leaves. Even if you use chilli or other ingredients to flavor the asparagus, make sure they are completely dry and free of water. In case of natural asparagus, do not add anything!

Fill the jar with extra virgin olive oil. Screw the lids without tightening the cap, let them rest for 24 hours and then top up bringing the oil back to level. Check the asparagus again after another 24 hours: asparagus tends to absorb oil, so it may take two topping up.

Theasparagus in oilthey can be kept in a dry and dark place. Let it stabilize for at least a month before consuming, so as to obtain an oil flavored with asparagus and added herbs (garlic and peppercorns).

Risotto or pasta with asparagus in oil, recipe

Can you prepare a risotto or a pasta with asparagus in oil? Of course yes! My recipe involves the use of a kitchen mixer or a thermomix ... but don't worry, it's very practical.

First, cut off the asparagus tips and set them aside. Use only the stems in this first step. Melt a piece of butter in a pan and add chopped sweet white onion and chopped carrot. When the onion is wilted, add the stems of the asparagus in oil cut yourself. Brown in butter, you will notice that they will chase some oil and start to fry: very normal!

Aside, boil some water to cook the pasta, I recommend using fresh durum wheat pasta (not egg pasta). You can use trofie or troccoli from Puglia which will adhere perfectly to your asparagus!

When carrots, onions and asparagus stems are soft enough, transfer them to the mixer and blend everything. Bring back theasparagus cream obtained in a pan. Add some grated cheese (like parmesan or parmesan). Drain the pasta and mix it with yourscream of asparagus. Add the asparagus tops and mix. Yourspasta with asparagus in oilready! The asparagus cream is delicious!

You can also use it to prepare a good risotto but in this case you will need to prepare a separate broth. Risotto is usually cooked with the asparagus cooking water, but since you are using the asparagus in oil, you will need to prepare a vegetable broth to be used to cook the rice. Rice grains absorb liquids, so I advise you not to limit them to boiling them as seen for pasta.

Other recipes with asparagus that you can also prepare with those preserved in oil, preferably natural: cream of asparagus and potatoes.

The flavored asparagus in oil, they are perfect for salads and to be served like this, slightly drained of excess oil and combined with other dishes: meats, fish, shrimps, various roasts ...!

How to grow asparagus

Do you know that asparagus can be grown in pots and in the garden? I refer you to the guide: how to grow asparagus.

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