Cardamom, properties and uses

Cardamom, properties and uses

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Cardamom, properties and uses: where to find it and how to use it in the kitchen. Contraindications and information on the plant.

Cardamom, plant

Thecaradamomis a spice that is obtained from one plant tropical native to South East Asia, known asElettaria. There cardamom plantbelongs to the Zingiberaceae family, the same family as theginger. Its diffusion has very ancient roots, known since the times of the Greeks and Romans, today thecardamomremains among the most expensive spices in the world preceded only by saffron and vanilla.

The plant ofcardamomit can reach a height of 20 meters and its leaves have a very particular color, similar to purple red. The fruit looks like a capsule rich in colored seedsbrown-black. The capsule is green in color. The seeds in the kitchen can be used whole (especially for the preparation of desserts) or ground, giving life to the powder used as a spice.

Cardamom, properties and benefits

Thecardamom countspropertystimulantsas its seeds are rich in a substance known ascineole, able to act as "activator"Of the central nervous system. Of thecineoleare knownantiseptic properties, it would seem that thecardamomcould have beneficial effects onsore throat, sore throatand respiratory disorders.

Thepropertyof thecardamomare mainly related tostimulation of digestion:in traditional medicine, especially in Iran and India, thecardamomgreen is widely used to prevent digestive disorders, furthermore, always in these geographical regions, it represents a widespread cure for infections of the teeth and gums and is used to prevent throat diseases and halitosis, pulmonary congestion and tuberculosis.

Traditional Tibetan medicine sees the use ofcardamom to treat gastrointestinal problems. Also in China and India, thecardamomblack is used to treat constipation, dysentery, gastric problems and other digestive disorders.

In Italy its use is mainly linked to culinary purposes, however there are those who use the cardamomto combat bad breath (by chewing some seeds) and relieve cough or sore throat (by gargling with the infusion). Lovers ofnatural remediescan rediscover in thecardamoma good ally in the diet: as stated, the powder obtained from the seeds can have a stimulating and antidepressant effect, especially if it is taken boiled. The stimulating power ofcardamomtranslates as an activator of metabolism.

Cardamom, contraindications

I canside effectsand the contraindicationsfor hiring thecardamomthey are not numerous. The use of cardamom is contraindicated in subjectssensitivethat could draw disadvantages (tremors, insomnia, agitation ...) from the stimulating effect of the substances contained in thisspice. Otherscontraindicationssee the use ofcardamomnot recommended for those suffering from stones or gallbladder problems (abdominal pain may occur). Allergy sufferers should abstain completely.

Powdered cardamom

Thepowdered cardamomit can be added to tea, herbal teas or infusions that you usually prepare. This spice, in fact, can be used to flavor drinks (even centrifuged, milk / cream-based smoothies ...) or to flavor sweets and biscuits.

Due to its flavor, it can also be used to flavor broths, risottos and meat-based main courses.

Where to buy it? Thepowdered cardamom it is easy to find in large hypermarkets, in the spice department.

Whole cardamom seeds

The whole cardamom seeds can be used to prepare liqueurs or to prepare infusions with a very delicate flavor. THEwhole cardamom seedsthey can be used to prepare strongly flavored cakes or plumcakes. How to preparecardamom sweets? I'll reveal a kind ofrecipeuniversal, that is a “trick” that you can use for any recipe.

If you need to prepare a plum cake or biscuits, use thewhole cardamom seedsto strongly flavor the milk you use in the recipe.

For every 300 ml of milk, use 10 g of cardamom.

Boil the milk. Turn off the heat and add the cardamom seeds. Leave them to infuse for 20 minutes and blend everything. Filter and use thecardamom milkfor your recipe.

Where to buy whole cardamom seeds?
Unlike thepowdered cardamom, iwhole seedsthey are harder to find. You can buy them at specialized pastry shops or by taking advantage of the online purchase.

TOthis Amazon address,you can find whole cardamom pods, you will have to open them to extract the seeds to use in your tastiest recipes. The indicated product can be purchased at a price of 16.95 euros with free shipping costs, for the 200 gram pack.

I have reported this product to you because I have had the opportunity to personally experience it but, feel free to choose the pods you prefer1

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