How to wash shoes in the washing machine

How to wash shoes in the washing machine

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How to wash shoes in the washing machine without damaging themand above all without damaging the washing machine. Tips to preserve the basket from rust and shoes from cracking.

Can the shoes be put in the washing machine?

If you are wondering if they canwash shoes in the washing machine, know that officially the answer isNO. If you consult the user manual of your washing machine, among the"Precautions for use"or in a paragraph of the instructions, you will read a recommendation like:

"Do not insert objects (eg shoes, coins, food residues ...) into the washing machine that are not clothing"

Curious realities, in the booklet of the Samsung washing machine, I read the recommendation "Do not put objects such as shoes, animals in the washing machine ... ". Yes, in the booklet of my washing machine, among the precautions for use besides telling me that shoes cannot be washed in the washing machine, he tells me that animals cannot be washed!

How to wash shoes in the washing machine without damaging them

Despite the manufacturers' recommendations, there are those who want it anyway wash shoes in the washing machine. Don't worry, you can do it by taking the right precautions so as not to damage the basket or the shoes themselves. On this page I will explain to youhow to wash shoes in the washing machinewithout doing damage.

Ideally, you should put your shoes in a fabric bag like the one used for dirty laundry or like those comfortable liners you get when you buy a designer bag.

In this way, the shoe will not come into direct contact with the metal basket. Such a precaution forwash shoes in the washing machinewill serve to:

  • Protect shoes and prevent the appearance of cracks, peeling, damage to the sole ...
  • Protect the drum and washer seals. The drum, in contact with hard objects such as shoes, would become prone to develop rust. The addition of a lining decreases the friction that is generated between the object to be washed and the metal basket so as to prevent deformation and, in the long run, the formation of rust.

Another fundamental tip for washing shoes in the washing machine is the preparation of the shoes: if possible, remove the sole and the laces, in this way the shoe will wash better.

How to wash shoes in the washing machine: temperature and spin cycle

Other factors not to be underestimated are: temperature and spin cycle.

  • Turn off the spin cycle
  • Use a cold or 30 ° C wash.

The centrifuge could jeopardize both the drum and the external surfaces of the shoes. Think that the manufacturers of washing machines ask the user to wash bras (as well as other items containing underwire and metal objects) inside bags or cloths precisely to avoid direct contact with the washing machine drum during the spin phase. By completely deactivating the centrifuge you will be able to preserve the surfaces of the shoes and protect the washing machine.

The low temperature serves to protect the shoes from any deformation.

How to wash shoes in washing machines, other tips

For thewashing shoes in the washing machine, for now I told you to:

  • Remove the shoelaces and, if possible, the sole as well.
  • Put the shoes in a bag or canvas.
  • Wash at low temperatures or 30 ° C.
  • Wash your shoes without spinning.

Now I add other valuable tips:

  • Use a liquid stain remover. Powder detergents may leave residues on shoe fibers that are more difficult to rinse off.
  • Add other items to the basket to create a cushion effect when washing. Towels are ideal.

Never use hardened or solidified detergent. For washing shoes in the washing machine, do not use capsules (pre-dosed concentrated detergent) or washing powder either. These detergents can leave residues mainly because the washing is done at low temperatures and the rinsing phase is more complicated.

How to wash shoes in the washing machine

Before washing in the washing machine, soak the shoes in warm water for a few hours. If your washing machine allows it, use the soak or pre-wash. I remind you that for prewashing or soaking, you can add liquid detergent to the far right compartment, the shallowest one, as shown in the photo above.

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