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Funny phrases, on life, on love, on work, on women and men. We need funny phrases, irony will save our lives or, at least, make it more enjoyable. Putting the muzzle hurts, to those who meet us and also to our health, so here it is a series of phrases to smile, let's read them in the morning, in the evening, or as needed. If not because we feel like it, because it is good.

Funny phrases about life

Thinking about life can be heavy and demanding, it can lead us to a sense of oppression or distress. There are also less negative views, like these.

"The proof that other forms of intelligent life exist in the universe is that they have not yet contacted us." (Bill Watterson)
"Only two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity, but I still have some doubts about the universe." (Albert Einstein)
“We are made of 98% water. Which means that if we drink a glass of water we seriously risk drowning ". (Steven Wright)
“Courage, the best is over”. (Ennio Flaiano)

Funny phrases for Tumblr

On Tumblr, as on social networks, we find a lot of "bullshit" but also some funny phrases that lighten the day. They are usually short and are striking at first glance.

“Always remember that you are absolutely UNIQUE. Just like all the others ". (Margaret Mead)
"I love humanity; it's the people I can't stand! " (Charles Schulz)
"The mind is like an umbrella: to work it must be open". (Albert Einstein)
"God's only excuse is that he doesn't exist". (Stendhal)

Funny phrases for Whatsapp

There are times when you want to greet a friend via whatsapp without saying anything special but to show up. Instead of a "hello" or an ambiguous icon, better than funny phrases like those in the book "Cathartic! Anthology of published and unpublished poems, aphorisms and short stories " of Flavio Oreglio, for sale at 12 euros on Amazon. Or one of the following.

"Appreciate me now, you will avoid the queue!" (Ashleigh Brilliant)
“Your soul mate is out there.
Among other 7 billion people.
Spread across 5 continents.
Assuming she is alive.
And that she is single ".
(God, Twitter)

Funny phrases about women

One of the qualities that can strike, in women as in men, is self-irony. Other than large hips, big eyes and large breasts. So, women, arm yourself with fun phrases to show off.

In this she is a teacher Luciana Littizzetto: "But what bundles of red roses, what bouquets of violets !? Listen to me: bunches of shoes. This is the unspeakable desire of every female! "

Funny phrases about men

The same goes for men and there are some for you too.

“Men are mythological beings. Half men and half idiots ". (Luciana Littizzetto)
"God gave men a penis and a brain, but unfortunately not enough blood to be able to spray both of them at the same time." (Robin Williams)

Funny birthday phrases

After the party, we can fall prey to melancholy in the face of another past year of life. Let's laugh about it, in the company of a funny phrase.

"You understand that you are getting old when the candles cost more than the cake". (Bob Hope)
“Don't take life too seriously: anyway, no matter how hard you work, in the end you won't get out alive”. (Elbert Hubbard)

Funny phrases about love

Love can make us suffer and despair, but also to smile. Indeed…

“I'm not against marriage, but it seems to me that a man and a woman are the least suitable people to marry”. (Massimo Troisi)
"Love is the answer, but while you wait for the answer, sex can suggest some very good questions". (Woody Allen)
“The secret of my long marriage? We go to the restaurant twice a week. We have dinner by candlelight, romantic music and a few dance steps… She goes there on Tuesdays and I go there on Fridays ”. (Henny Youngman)
"When you court a beautiful girl, an hour seems like a second. When you sit on boiling ash, a moment seems like an hour ". (Albert Einstein)

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