Licorice powder, uses and advice

Licorice powder, uses and advice

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Licorice powder, where to buy, recipes and how to use it. Properties and useful information on the licorice powder.

Therelicoriceis famous for itspropertydigestive, expectorant and anti-inflammatory. It is very useful in case of cough, sore throat, stomach pain, difficult digestion, low blood pressure ... alsolicoriceit has a mild laxative function and a refreshing action.

Licorice powder, how it's done

Powdered licorice is nothing more than ground and freeze-dried licorice, i.e. deprived of water. For production, the stolons (roots of the licorice plant) must be dried and then finely ground to finish drying.

In this way the product is very concentrated then, in yours recipes, never overdo the doses, otherwise you will get a too strong licorice flavor!

Licorice powder, how to use it

To make the most of thepropertyof thelicoricethe use of the powder of its stolons is widespread. The stolons (licorice roots) are dried and reduced to powder. The licorice powder, therefore, is nothing more than a dry extract (dehydrated) just like those that are used a lot in herbal medicine for the preparation of supplements and infusions.

Not just natural remedies. Therelicorice powderit is also very useful in the kitchen, for severalrecipes. It can be added torecipesof different spoon desserts, to the preparation of semifreddo, ice cream or, par excellence, in thecreamy licorice liqueur recipeor more fluid, according to your preferences.

For thenatural remedies, 2 grams of licorice powder can be dissolved in 100 ml of boiling water, to be taken to soothe respiratory diseases (cough and phlegm). By increasing the doses, that is, adding 6 g of licorice powder to 100 ml of water, you can get an infusion to facilitate digestion.

Even the famouslicorice liqueur(creamy or liquid) has excellent propertiesdigestive. The licorice liqueur, can be considered in the same way as the fennel liqueur, also extremely useful for facilitating digestion, especially to be served after a hearty lunch.

Both to preparerecipes, both for the preparation of natural remedies, you will need to buylicorice powderfood grade.

If, on the other hand, you intend to take advantage of the healing properties of licorice powder, you can buy the cosmetic grade to use for skin packs.

Licorice powder, where to buy

Therelicorice powderit's not very easy to find. You can go to specialized pastry shops or, if you are on holiday in Calabria, you can stock up on the famous one Calabrian licorice!

If you do not have this luck, you can take advantage of online shopping: on Amazon there is no lack oflicorice powder Amarelli(the most famousliquorice powder from Calabria).

For all product information, please refer to the Amazon page:freeze-dried ground licorice root Amarelli.

When buying, be sure to takelicorice powderfor food and non-cosmetic use!

Therelicorice powder for liqueur Amarelliit charges but it is a quality benchmark in the sector: a 500 gram jar can be bought for 25 - 30 euros.

Licorice cream liqueur recipe

Who wants to get acreamy licorice liqueurcan follow this recipe:

  • 700 ml of whole milk
  • 300 ml of unsweetened fresh cream
  • 200 g of sugar
  • 100 g of licorice powder
  • 500 ml of 95 ° alcohol

In a pan, place the milk and cream. Add the sugar and thelicorice powderand simmer, stirring occasionally. Over low heat, continue like this for 7 - 10 minutes, the time needed to mix all the ingredients evenly.

If, in the mixture, there are lumps of licorice (sometimes it happens, if it is not mixed frequently enough), at the end, pass everything in the mixer.

Let the mixture cool and, finally, add the alcohol. Store at low temperatures and let it rest for a week before serving.

For other recipes of licorice liqueur (the classic and more digestive one, thereforelicorice liqueur without creamand without milk ...) I refer you to the page:homemade licorice liqueur.

For further information:how to grow licorice.



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