Eating in the office: recipes

Eating in the office: recipes

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Eating in the office, sometimes you can't do without it, sometimes you can choose to do it if the environment is pleasant and there are ad hoc spaces to hang out with colleagues and have a chat without going into a bar. Today, as workspaces try to be smarter and more liveable, we can begin to imagine that eating in the office is not a punitive choice but one of health and sociality. It is therefore better to know what to eat to stay healthy and nourish yourself better, not to suffer from digestive sleep attacks but not even run out of energy.

Eat at the office for lunch

On a lunch break, to save time or money, or to finish a job, it may happen to eat in the office and the advice is to prefer proteins and carbohydrates. The former provide an average of 4kcal per gram and are necessary to be active, we can choose to take them eating eggs, milk and derivatives, meat, fish, legumes and soy. Carbohydrates are also necessary, let's not discard them from the diet.

You can choose between sandwich and salad if you don't want to bring the lunch box with a cooked dish, just remember ingredients like chicken, tuna, shrimp and vegetables. Sometimes we can also have lunch with food Japanese take away, but maximum twice a week.

Eating recipes in the office

For eating in the office, there are many interesting recipes recommended in the article on "Lunch break". During breaks, you can too eating sweets without any sense of guilt. If it comes to one every now and then, and not too heavy, it's one way to go keep sugars and mood high.

Eating in the office is prohibited

There are now few places where eating in the office is prohibited, it also depends a lot on the type of office and job that we carry out, from the hygiene conditions that exist and that must be maintained. Then there are times when eating in the office is forbidden to stay healthy and not for external, corporate rules.

It is forbidden, or at least not recommended, nibble in front of the computer to risk skipping lunches, and even the morning is better have breakfast calmly before going to the office than doing it mid-morning between a meeting and the other. These are bad and avoidable habits that can ruin your health in the long run.

Eat in the office so as not to gain weight

A toast, contrary to what one might think, it is an excellent lunch for those who want to eat in the office. The important thing is to choose the ingredients well and for this we recommend some recipes for healthy and nutritious toastti, and appetizing too.

In order not to gain weight when having lunch in the office it is important to have made one good breakfast that gives the charge and not always and only eat salads, often more seasoned and caloric than a well stuffed sandwich.

Another recommendation is to vary, ingredients and types of meals, alternating sandwiches, cold dishes, toast, wraps, sushi, even salads. For breaks, excellent dried fruit, almonds in the first place, without ever forgetting to drink a lot, water and herbal teas.

Eat healthy meals in the office

Those who do not want to eat only sandwiches or even spend all the time to buy a lunch out to eat at the office, can prepare it at home and keep it in a lunch box. There are also electric ones for sale, with internal divisions and mini fruit container.

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