Do tattoos hurt?

Do tattoos hurt?

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THE tattoos hurt, for some, for others not. It is a diatribe that has been going on for a long time and that does not currently have a clear-cut answer, also because the methods for carrying out tattoos change, they evolve, trying to become safer and safer so that fans who make one at every good opportunity, can fulfill their wishes in maximum safety.

THE tattoos to date they are carried out through punctures that inject very small drops of ink under the skin, resulting in slight bleeding and pain that depends on the subject who feels it and on the area. Tattoos hurt sometimes as well because they create one skin injury with the risk of skin infections and other complications. But this doesn't always happen, in fact the dilemma remains: do tattoos hurt?

Tattoos are bad for your health

Those who argue this, list a number of dangers faced when doing a tattoo. For example, granulomas may form, small swellings due to a thickening of the skin that is caused by the proliferation of scar tissue. They usually pop up where the tattoo ink was injected. There is also the risk of transmission of infectious diseases, especially those that are transmitted through the blood. Tetanus, HIV but not only.

Tattoos hurt on the fingers

A small tattoo on the fingers, "what do you want me to do?”, You may think, and instead this part of the body is very delicate and sensitive. The reasons are mainly two: it is an area with a high concentration of nerve endings and is also almost devoid of fat, so there is no layer that separates the skin from the bones.

Therefore, those who tattoo cannot stay very far away from the bone and this usually means pain. It should be noted that a tattoo on the fingers usually causes acute pain but limited to a small area.

Tattoos don't hurt

There are areas of the body where the tattoos have less impact on pain and at the same time they can give satisfaction to those who make them and can't wait to show it to the world. The upper arm is the least sensitive point of our body so the first place to do a tatoo if you don't want to suffer.

ùOther recommended places are the inner part of the arm, the calf, preferred by men because it is virile and sporty, the hips, a symbol of sensuality, nature and freedom. Others less painful tattoos are those on the forearm, because it is far from the bone, and on the thigh, because it is "protected" by muscle and fat.

Tattoos are bad for the skin

THE potential dangers for the skin due to tattoos involve infections, usually local bacterial infections that cause redness, swelling, pain and pus. Allergic reactions can also occur, especially if you use red ink, and then we will see rashes appear accompanied by a strong itching sensation.

Henna tattoos hurt

Henna tattoos are considered less "dangerous" than traditional ones. For millennia they have been made by those who live in North Africa and India, for several years they have also been widespread and loved in our areas, also because they are less harmful and not perennial.

They are made with the henna powder, made from the dried and pulverized leaves of a shrub called henna. If instead of brown, you want to get black, you have to use chemical dyes that can create bad reactions on the skin.

Tattoos are bad for the liver

Problems involving the liver, related to tattoos, are related to viral hepatitis, an inflammation caused by some viruses typical of the liver tissue including HBV, HCV, HDV. There are recent studies at an international level that talk about the causes of these infections and in the first places we find the reuse of disposable needles, the non-sterilization of materials and reuse of ink contaminated with infected blood.

Tattoos hurt years later

There are some doctors, and others, who believe that tattoos can cause cancer. This maybe even after years, it is certainly not an instant risk, but not to be underestimated. The problem lies in the used inks that they can contain toxic and potentially carcinogenic substances such as metals, hydrocarbons, phthalates considered carcinogenic and dangerous for the endocrine system.

For those who fear tattoos but at the same time love them and find themselves undecided, here is a book to leaf through without any pain or risk, available for € 21 on Amazon: "100 years of tattoos. The history of tattooing from 1914 to today”By David McComb. One of the favorite subjects, simple but full of meanings, is him Yin Yang

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