Welsh Corgi Cardigan

Welsh Corgi Cardigan

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Welsh Corgi Cardigan, a small and nice dog, very intelligent, which belongs to the group of shepherd and cattle dogs. Its origins are to be found among the intersections of dog breeds of Welsh origin selected to guard the flocks. Today it would not be said, since it is found to fill the role of companion dog.

Welsh Corgi Cardigan

Among the various currents of thought relating to origins of this breed, there is the one who is convinced of its origins from England and it would have been the Flemish weavers who imported it to the continent. The true roots of the Welsh Corgi Cardigan but its presence is documented as an animal that watched over herding and courtyard animals. With this role, he was a very common dog on farms scattered throughout the Welsh lands between the 14th and 15th centuries.

Welsh Corgi Cardigan: puppies

The Welsh Corgi Cardigan it is already small even as an adult, so its puppies are rather modest in size, from large they become about 30 cm high at the withers, with a weight that goes from 15 to 20 kg.

The body of this dog has a very elongated shape, there is a heavy bone and a strong and very muscular structure. While short legs do not prevent it from being fast and also resistant, its tail tilts slightly towards the back in the terminal part and resembles that of foxes.

The mantle of the Welsh Corgi Cardigan it is medium in length and hard to the touch, it can take on all colors except white. The muzzle of this dog is thin and elegant, with lively, dark colored eyes and well proportioned but prominent ears.

Welsh corgi cardigan: breeding

The Welsh Corgi Cardigan it is of more recent selection than its cousin Corgi Pembroke, the separation between the two varieties occurred shortly after Wales became one of the leading meat producers in UK.

From that period until the twentieth century this breed was bred to guard the herds, then it became a pet breed and also very loved, so much so that it entered the English noble courts. There official division between Cardigan and Pembroke dates back to 1934.

Welsh Corgi Cardigan: character

Active, lively, alert, intelligent, the Welsh Corgi Cardigan it is a companion dog but absolutely unsuitable for those who want to stay in an armchair all day because it has a cheerful disposition and loves to play and move. This is why it is usually recommended for those with children at home. Easy to train for home life, is tender with the owner and with the whole family.

It is usually a well-mannered, clean dog with is guests intelligent and sensitive, never loses his temper but in the presence of other animals he knows how to enforce.

Welsh Corgi Cardigan: price

Not being very widespread in our country, this breed has its price which never falls below 900-1000 euros. This applies to a healthy puppy with a good pedigree.

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