How to clean the leaves

How to clean the leaves

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How to clean the leaves of outdoor and indoor plants. From lemon to orchid, without forgetting bonsai and many other plants.

For thecleaning of the leavesof any plant (bonsai, orchids, ficus, lemon, succulents, kenzia ...) it is advisable to work with attention and patience. On this page we will see how and when to use (or not to use!) Polishes for leaves.

How to clean the leaves

Fordust the leaves of the plantsit may be useful to use a can of compressed air. Compressed air is useful for sweep away the dust from those difficult plants to to clean as the kenzia or for other plants with dense and narrow leaves. Compressed air can also be a good method for cleaning bonsai leaves.

If you have never cleaned the leaves, it may be useful to do it with a foliar polisher, however, we recommend this product only in extreme cases, to be used on the leaves only once a year!

In case of streaks, you canclean the leaves of the plantsdirectly with water. Use distilled water or put in a spray bottle. Sprinkle the water on all the leaves.

Forpolish and clean the leavesdo not use tap water: it may contain limescale and give rise to annoying halos.

How to clean the leaves?
Use a cotton cloth soaked in distilled water and rub each single leaf.

If the plant has recently been affected by parasites, you can clean the leaves using a solution made up of 3 parts of alcohol and one part of water. Use pure food alcohol. This remedy to polish and disinfect the leaves should be used when the plant is not kept in the sun and the leaves are not hot.

Do-it-yourself foliar polish

On the web there is a recipe for a foliar polish made from one part of milk and two parts of water.STRICTLY AVOID using this DIY polish!

Small amounts of milk, deposited on the leaves or worse, on the soil of the pot, can give rise to mold, attract midges and make the plant environment more inhospitable.

Polisher for leaves

On the market there is no shortage of foliar polishers born to keep the leaves clean longer. These polishes are not suitable for outdoor plants exposed to direct sunlight. Anyone wishing to experiment with the use of a polish to clean the leaves of outdoor plants, should limit its use on plants in the shade.

How to use?
Polishes are sold in spray form. Just spray the solution on the leaves keeping a distance of 50 cm between the dispenser and the leaves to be cleaned. The treatment lasts for 10-15 days.

It is not recommended to spray the polish on shoots and plants that are still hot from the sun. The foliar polishes can be used on all green smooth-leaf plants (ficus, orchid, lemon, orange, maple, ginko….) On the contrary it is not used to treat opaque and hairy leaves.

What does it contain?
Each manufacturer has its own formulation, in general, all the polishes for leaves are based on hydrocarbon compounds derived from petroleum. That's why they grease, polish and manage to protect the leaf from dust.

What is a foliar polish made of? It is an aerosol blend containing butane, naphtha (heavy oil fraction), propane and isobutane. It is clear that we advise against frequent use so as not to undermine the well-being of the plant and the healthiness of the home.

When to use foliar polish?
From direct experience, I can tell you that foliar polish is very useful in the home but not for the cleaning of the leaves! If you have plants in terracotta or porcelain stoneware pots at home, this product is perfect for cleaning.

Dissolves any type of limestone stain or halo. Personally, I never apply it to the leaves but I use it, if necessary, to clean the pots of indoor and outdoor plants. After use, I ventilate the rooms well. In any case, if you decide to use it, use it in well-ventilated rooms.

Where to buy it?
At the most well-stocked nurseries or by taking advantage of online sales. For all information on purchasing, please refer to the official Amazon page dedicated to "foliar polishes".

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