Mental concentration: exercises and natural remedies

Mental concentration: exercises and natural remedies

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Mental concentration, blessed are those who have it, but those who do not have it can learn to acquire it by becoming better at work but not only. Have a good one mental focus it also means being the best sportsmen, the best people because more careful to listen to those who speak to us, watching what happens around us and what is inculcated in our minds without us realizing it.

In study, work, sport, with family and friends, the mental focus is precious, it is also essential to relax as well as to achieve our most ambitious goals.

Mental concentration: exercises

It is not a sport, the mental focus, but the exercises are really useful because it is always about muscles, training and acquiring skills and abilities that we do not have but which are needed. It is important to always keep our mental concentration trained so that, at any time, we can use it, whether it is to read an email to do a marathon or to enjoy a movie at the cinema.

One of the easier and more effective exercises is that of the feet. It may make you smile that you focus on your feet to train your head, but that's how it works. When too many stimuli risk drowning us, to defend ourselves from those that distract us from our main objective of the moment, we can focus our attention on our toes.

Seeing is believing, Olivia Fox Cabane, author of the book "The Charisma Myth", it suggests and applies it. Exercises dedicated to those who need mental concentration in reading, are those that indicate reading small parts, the first paragraph, for example, and then summarizing it in a single sentence of maximum 20 words. This breaks the mechanism of flow of disturbing stimuli and demands that we keep all attention for the text. Having done this with the first paragraph or the first page of a book, we will proceed then with maximum mental focus.

Mental concentration and anxiety problems

Anxiety can make you lose the concentration, it happens very often and it is not easy to stop the mechanism. It can help the practice of mindfulness meditation. Just practice it 10 minutes a day to see significant improvements in our mental concentration, not to mention that the mindfulness meditation it brings in the long and short term many other benefits that I have described in a dedicated article.

Mental concentration: natural remedies

There are techniques that do not require a lot of effort and can make us focus on the here and now, which is easy to say but not to do. One of them suggests that focus attention on the heartbeat, relaxing the muscles and ignoring everything that happens around other than the beating of the heart. It is necessary for the mind to imagine the muscle that pumps blood throughout your body, after a few minutes you feel a sensation of heat and then a state of maximum mental focus on the here and now.

Mental concentration: supplements

Some natural supplements can help improve mental focus and at the same time also the mood. The most convenient are in capsule format, like this one in packs of 60 (50mg), which can also be purchased on Amazon for 13 euros.

Mental concentration in sport

At least as much as work, sport requires one strong concentration to control psychomotor thought processes and to remain attentive to what you are doing. The first three things to do are select focus stimuli, directing attention at the appropriate time and knowing how to keep attention on the stimuli relevant to one's business.

In sport there are numerous techniques for maintaining one winning concentration, the most used are the space-time focusing techniques, those of filter of external stimuli and those of psycho-physical perception. The choice of the most appropriate takes into account the sport practiced but also of the mind of each of us and of the reactions it can have in the race.

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