Toast recipes

Toast recipes

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Toast recipes , quick and easy for a snack or lunch that, if well prepared, can be healthy and nutritious, good and at the same time not "messed up". A toast with the right recipe does not weigh down and can be based on original and even organic ingredients, just get organized, especially today that you live at least 5 days a week with lunch quickly, perhaps even while traveling.

Toast recipes

Before understanding how to stuff them, let's see the basis of recipes for toast: bread. The right type must be chosen, one of the best is the one from american sandwich, subtle, because it toasts very well too in the pan which is the best way to proceed. The toaster does not always give good results. In addition, in the pan you can also melt the cheese that is often accompanied by bread in many recipes for toast.

Another way for treating the bread is that of the non-stick grillit would be even better to be able to use it but certainly not everyone can have it available. The lucky ones will also get the love stripes, very symbolic.

Both in the pan and on the grill, the toast must be mashed with a spatula before being turned, and if we use cheese, let's remember to put it on both internal sides of the slice of bread. The winning succession is bread-half slices-toppings-half slices-bread.

Quick Toast Recipes

One of the recipes for toast more famous is that of the ham toast but its variant with sweet salami is just as quick and convenient to alternate with Swiss cheese to obtain a sweet and pungent mix. You are never wrong proposing the classic recipe of cheese toast, emmental or cheese, associated with cooked ham, with variations on cheese that can also be fontina, brie, provolone ...

Those who love cheese, and its greedy spinning with every bite, can overdo it by preparing a double cheese toast with three slices of bread, two slices, two slices of fontina or another sweet cheese. In some recipes for toast we also find it enriched with two slices of cooked ham.

Recipes for vegetarian toast

Recipes for vegetarian toast are the most difficult to find because ham is almost always involved, but in recent years, with the increase of vegetarians, many original and tasty ideas have sprung up. Like toast with zucchini, cheese and tomato: just grill the courgettes and add them to the toast, salting and adding sliced ​​tomatoes and cheese.

Recipes for sweet toast

Toast fans can also count on sweet ones, so you can only have lunch on toast from start to finish. The French Toast is delicious, is prepared with bread dipped in a mixture of milk, egg and sugar and then fried in butter and then garnished with fresh fruit and honey.

Nutella lovers can prepare that with banana and nutella always frying the bread in butter and then stuffing it with nutella, mashed bananas and icing sugar. The recipe for strawberry toast with a non-fried toast, on which to spread strawberry jam is lighter. To serve it, we decorate with fresh strawberries and mint leaves and whipped cream beside.

Recipes for baked toast

Many toast recipes can also be made using the oven, except those that need to be fried at all costs, such as the ones just mentioned. Excellent baked is the toast with eggs, cheese and zucchini, or the one with ham, cheese and omelette that can have even more layers, using 3-4 slices of thin bread alternating with omelette with cheese and cooked ham.

Recipes for light toast

The lightest recipe for toast, but one that remains nutritious anyway, is the one that combines pan-fried ham and turkey, to be stuffed with lettuce and tomato, zero butter and zero cheese. There are many other ideas for preparing original toast, delighting our guests or friends and unleashing the envy of colleagues during their lunch break. I invite you to discover some of them browse the book "Bruschetta, toast and appetizers”By Emily Kydd with excellent illustrations, also available on Amazon for 12 euros.

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