Difference between air conditioner and air conditioner

Difference between air conditioner and air conditioner

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Difference between air conditioner and air conditioner: what the legislation says and what are the differences between air conditioners and air conditioners.

In the modern sense, air conditioner and climate control are two terms used like synonyms. Apparently, therefore, the two words are equivalent. We see, however, that for insiders this is not exactly the case; there are net differences between air conditioners and air conditioners.

Difference between air conditioner and air conditioner

According to the definitions of the UNI 10339 standards,air conditioningisconditionerthey are two similar but different tools.

The differences between the two devices can be highlighted by reporting the UNI 10339 definitions:

One plantconditionermust provide for the "air treatment aimed at achieving the quality, movement, purity of the air and the thermo-hygrometric characteristics required for people's well-being in inhabited environments. "

An air conditioning system must provide for the "creation and simultaneous maintenance in inhabited environments of thermal, hygrometric conditions, quality, purity and air movement within the limits required for the well-being of people. ".

So, technically, both air conditioners and air conditioners can:

  • adjust the temperature
  • provide for the movement of air
  • improve the quality of air treated by filters

Only theair conditioningcan he:

  • regulate humidity

Theconditionerit can “affect the thermo-hygrometric characteristics”. If it manages to regulate the temperature, however, the humidity level drops as a direct consequence of cooling as a natural effect of the lowering of temperature. With the air conditioner, on the other hand, it is possible to obtain a finer regulation of the humidity rate.

Those who have a well-insulated house, in general, do not aim to regulate the humidity level but merely exploit the ability of the appliance to regulate the temperature.

At the time of purchase, the user generally does not check how well an air conditioner can perform in dehumidifying or humidifying an environment. At the time of purchase, the most sought-after qualities are:

  • silence of the indoor unit
  • silence of the outdoor unit
  • energy efficiency

In this regard it might be useful to read our themed articles:

  • portable air conditioner energy label
  • conditioner energy label

We use the terms in our articlesconditionersisair conditionersas synonyms, even if technically we reiterate that an air conditioner has an extra gear.

Unlike the air conditioner which adjusts the humidity indirectly, with the air conditioner it is possible to perform an active humidity regulation!

Air conditioning with dehumidifier function

Since today the focus is more on energy saving, manufacturers are focusing on models with lower consumption. When you have an air conditioner in your home, it is not uncommon to ask the question:

it consumes less with the dehumidifier function or using the air conditioning function to lower the temperature? To answer the exact way we should know the room temperature and the desired temperature ... however, in general, it consumes less with the dehumidification function!

Difference between air conditioner / air conditioner and fan heater

To provide for space heating or cooling, thefan heater. Thermo-ventilation systems are widely used especially in second homes by the sea.

We have already understood the differences betweenair conditioner and climate controlbut what if we wanted to add the fan heater to the appeal? According to the definition of the UNI 10339 standard, this tool can simultaneously create and maintain thermal conditions, quality and air movement in the rooms, within the limits required for the well-being of people, excluding hygrometric control.

The fan heater, therefore, does not allow you to modify the humidity in the air in any way. Originally, the fan heater did not even have any impact even on purity intended as air quality because it does not have filters.

The latest generation fan heaters have been equipped with state-of-the-art filters. Manufacturers have tried to propose, over time, devices that are increasingly intelligent and able to come as close as possible to the definition ofair conditioning.

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