American Water Spaniel: characteristics

American Water Spaniel: characteristics

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American Water Spaniel, born in the United States and still little known outside America. A shame because this dog, in addition to being pleasing to the eye, is also excellent for company. Truly trained for hunting both in water and on difficult terrain, over the years he has specialized in hunting duck, quail, pheasant, capercaillie and wild rabbit. Today it remains a good retriever because he is resistant and obedient, but above all he is appreciated as guard and companion dog.

American Water Spaniel: characteristics

The body is square but elongated, the build is massive and proportionate. It can be seen from both the bone and muscle structure, harmonious. The limbs ofAmerican Water Spaniel are straight, strong and muscular, the head is also massive but well balanced with a broad skull and a marked stop. Square but elongated, the muzzle is covered with hair and the dark brown nose, the eyes large, rounded and hazel or brown, long and wide ears.

American Water Spaniel: character

Serene but smart, this dog is a lot intelligent and does not hide it, just as he does not hide at all his desire to be the center of attention and to make friends even with strangers to whom grows fond in the blink of an eye.

Having said that, theAmerican Water Spaniel is a hardworking dog, he applies himself passionately and listens to all commands, stubbornly carries out what is ordered and shows no signs of lack of balance. Precisely for this nature, it is suitable for being with family and a play with children.

American Water Spaniel: weight

An adult American Water Spaniel can weigh 11 to 20 kg, females are usually smaller but there are no defined limits on the standard for either sex.

As a breed, its origins are still unclear, but it should be a descendant of the Irish Water Spaniel he was born in Curly-Coated Retriever. Official American recognition dates back to 1940 but international recognition only arrived in 1979.

American Water Spaniel: colors

Curly, not rough, waterproof, the hair of theAmerican Water Spaniel is liver colored or it can be dark chocolate with small white patches on the chest and on the fingers. To the touch and also to the eye, the peculiarity to be immediately noticed is theundulation of the mantle which can vary in density to even form real curls, also depends on the area of ​​the body.

To make the coat waterproof, however, it is not the curls, it is the undercoat that protects this dog from bad weather, from the water and also when they cross the undergrowth. If we decide to adopt a American Water Spaniel to keep with us at home, however, we can take care of and adjust the hair so that it is less "wild" and tidier and softer. But let's not expect him to become like a poodle.

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