Mobike in Milan: my road test

Mobike in Milan: my road test

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Mobike, the free-flowing bike sharing (without racks and predefined places to take and leave the bikes) it left in Milan and I could not wait more than 24 hours before testing it! :-)

The first step is to download theMobike app (available for both IOS and Android), start it and register by entering the details of your credit card.

Process that I performed in a few minutes and without "hitches". The only flaws are some texts still in Chinese (Yes, because Mobike is a Chinese company as Marta had already explained a few days ago in her article in which she anticipated the arrival of free-flowing bike sharing) and some "buttons" with decidedly translations improvable. I am sure they will solve it soon.

Once registered, just open the map to locate the bicycle Mobike closest to your location. Once you have chosen the one you want to use, just click on the appropriate button to book it: the bike will be unavailable to other users for a period of 15 minutes during which you can reach it.

At that point, just frame the QR code present on the handlebar to unlock the bike and start using it! All very simple!

Here is a photo of what the still locked bike looked like and the detail of the QR code on the handlebar that I framed to unlock it.

Aesthetically I like the bike a lot, with a modern, elegant and at the same time “colorful” design: metallic body of the bike and orange components.

There Mobike does NOT have a chain and this is a great advantage both because it avoids the risk of getting dirty and because one of the main components at risk of wear is eliminated.

The transmission therefore uses an alternative technology and the whole mechanism is completely incorporated into the bike frame (marked with an evident serial number). Great!

Getting on the saddle it was inevitable to feel the profound difference compared to the bikes I usually prefer: medium-high-end mountain bikes or city bikes. However, such a comparison would be stupid.

However, I must confirm what I had read this morning in a test by a Corriere della Sera journalist: the bike does not initially offer a great feeling of stability and the handlebars are rather narrow.

The pedaling is fluid but the fixed ratio is very far from what I use personally. In fact, the Mobikes do NOT offer any possibility to change gears so you will have to settle for the one set.

On the other hand, it seemed very practical and useful basket located in front of the handlebar: a writing warns “maximum weight 5 Kg”. I don't know if everyone will respect this limit! :-)

The knobs they seemed to me to good quality while the brake levers have not thrilled me. THE brakes I'm disc so theoretically very efficient: however, they did not seem particularly performing.

THE tires they are rather thin is They do NOT have an air chamber: I am therefore "Full" so as not to be punctured. The price to pay is one less cushioning.

Continuing my short test ride, I gradually got used to the bike even if I was left with the feeling of “pedaling a lot to get a very low speed”.

The most "suggestive" experience of using Mobike comes in my opinion at the end. That is when you leave it… UNDER YOUR HOUSE! :-)

Yes, because, as written at the beginning, the beauty of Mobike and continuous-flow bike sharing is that you can leave your bike where you want, on the side of the road, obviously avoiding hindering traffic or passage.

The "end of rental" procedure seemed very simple to me. Simply slide the wheel block manually (you see it in the photo above) to end your bike sharing session by making the bike available to other users again.

As soon as I closed the wheel block, the application confirmed the success of the end of rental procedure.

I must say that some texts of the App screens at the end of the rental left me "a little perplexed" ... look below "Unpaid 0.30EUR", "Defect" (!?!?!?), In the top right.

Instead, I liked the map with the summary of the trip with carbon emissions "avoided" (10 g) and calories burned (87).

Too bad, however, that the minutes reported were not correct: the summary screen indicated only 9 (below) while my rental lasted 26 minutes, as well as the route represented on the map was wrong, indicating only the last 100 meters!

In short, there are a few things to fix in the App but the experience was decidedly positive!

The possible problem I see in continuous-flow bike sharing lies in the possible (probable in Italy?) Lack of discipline of users in the use and especially in the parking of bikes.

In China, however, Mobike was so successful that other operators with completely similar services were born.

Some screenshots of the Mobike App with "A little naive" lyrics! :-)

Before we finish this Mobike review here are a few info about the service that should be useful to you:

  1. Cost of service: up to 30 minutes of use the cost of renting a Mobike is 0.3 Euro. From minute 31 "the second 30-minute period starts" then you will be charged 0.6 Euro and so on for the subsequent 30 minute periods.
  2. Fund deposit: today a "deposit" of 1 Euro is required to register for the service. Basically, an amount of one Euro is "reserved" (not charged!) From your credit card in order to start using the service. Once the 1 Euro credit has been used up, you will have to top up your “Mobike account” with a new deposit. The cuts and any promotions for top-ups will be announced shortly.
  3. "Mobike Credit Points": each new user registered to the service receives 100 "Credit Points". Credit Points may increase or decrease in relation to the correct use or not of the service. A high score (up to 10,000 points) indicates correct use of the service and good conduct, while a low score indicates improper use.
    Having a low score will have consequences on the rates applied: below 80 points the rate for using Mobike will "peak" at the hyperbolic figure of 100 Euros for 30 minutes (!). It is definitely better then to "behave yourself" and accumulate points! :-)
  4. Here are some examples of actions that earn points or, conversely, lose points:
    • Rental completed successfully +1
    • Broken bike signal +1
    • Incorrect parking signal +1
    • Successfully invite a friend to use Mobike +1
    • Park in a fenced area -20
    • To abandon the bicycle if stopped by the police -50
    • Forget to lock the bike, but eventually take the bike back -15
    • Use a private lock -> Score reduced to zero!
    • Forget to block the bicycle that is thus "lost" or "stolen" -> Score reduced to zero
    • Transporting the bicycle illegally -> Score reduced to zero

Well, for now I'd say that's it!

If you have reports or information or maybe you find inaccuracies compared to what I wrote you can write to us as always at [email protected]

Happy Mobike everyone! :-)

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The Mobike I rented for my test in the park in Piazza Udine in Milan

Video: The New Mobike Lite (June 2022).


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