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9 tips not to hate (so much) on Mondays

9 tips not to hate (so much) on Mondays

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We've all been there… dreading Sunday nights because we knew what day the next would be, looking at the clock on a Monday afternoon wishing it would end, and counting the hours until the weekend came to save ourselves once more.

Do you see what an unhealthy cycle it can get in? If we always wait for something to come to distract us or improve our lives, we can never fully appreciate the present.

With that in mind, stay with us as we list some ways to make your Mondays (and life in general) something you can look forward to.

Try these things to start loving Mondays again:

1. Reduce your use of technology on the weekends.

Have you ever noticed that your days fly faster the more you use your cell phone? It is easy to give hours to social networks, emails, texts and calls, because we become involved in the virtual world that becomes difficult to eliminate. Not to mention, numerous studies have found a strong correlation between increased use of technology and worse health. So try to set aside a specific time to check your phone over the weekend so that you really feel rejuvenated when it's time to head back to the office on Monday.

2. Get outside more.

On the weekends, instead of spending your time on social media, spend your time socializing in nature. Take your friends, your family, your dogs, whoever, and enjoy the simple pleasures that the desert offers. You won't find an internet connection here, but you will find a better connection to your soul, and that's what really counts, isn't it?

3. Use your weekend time to connect with your loved ones.

As we said in point 2, try to use your weekend as much as possible to spend time with those you love. During the week, you likely have your hands full between work, school, kids, errands, and other personal responsibilities, so why not take some time on the weekends to spend with those who really matter? Our lives have enough disconnect already, so the least we can do is show those we love how much they mean to us while we can.
4. Take care of yourself.

When was the last time you got a massage, pedicure, facial, acupuncture, or something else that made you feel like a million dollars? Use the weekends to regain self-care and treat yourself the way you deserve. Of all the people in your life, your relationship with yourself will always be the most important, so don't allow yourself to fall into a state of neglect. The weekends should be used to relax and break free from the work week, and a little pampering will do just that.

5. Rest around the house without feeling guilty.

Contrary to what society likes to pressure us, we do not ALWAYS have to be productive. We don't always have to be working, giving a corporation more profit and more success, and slaving for someone else. We don't even have to always be slaving ourselves, if we own our own business. Use your downtime to really relax and forget about external demands for a while.

The world will still be there when you get back from your well-deserved time, so learn to get out a bit without feeling guilty, or as if you owe someone something.

6. Don't work on weekends.

Don't be tempted to check emails and answer phone calls on the weekends, unless you have to do it for work. We all need time off from our obligations, and Mondays will seem so much more enjoyable if you've had a total of two days out of your daily routine. We already have so much to do in life that we don't need to add anything else to our list of responsibilities. Allow yourself 'your' time, because you deserve it.

7. Try something new.

Use your weekends to experience a new activity, be it a yoga class, skydiving, or whatever else you've always wanted to do. Then you will have some interesting stories to share with your coworkers when you return to work on Monday, plus you will have some surprising memories from the weekend.

8. Wake up to see the sun rise.

We all wait on weekends to sleep, but when was the last time you woke up to see the sun rise? Waking up before the world gets too noisy and only giving in to the moment the sun appears on the horizon will help you gain perspective on what is really important in life. We are so lost in the maze of life trying to be something and achieve something, that we do not give enough time to be what we are and what we are now, and enjoy life as it is.

9. Don't schedule too many things on the weekend.

Also, try to keep your weekends free of too much responsibility. Just keep up and save your errands for the work week. Relaxation should be the only thing on your to-do list for the weekend!

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