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The human word has the power to heal and make sick

The human word has the power to heal and make sick

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People say that the human word contains great power. With just one word, it is possible to stimulate a person, cause him dislike, caress him, or harm him.

On the other hand, people tend not to give as much importance to words because, in the end, it is "just a word" and does not have any visible influence (at least, it is what they think ...) except for being able to affect the humor of someone we are talking to. [mks_pullquote align = ”left” width = ”240 ″ size =” 12 ″ bg_color = ”# d9d0e2 ″ txt_color =” # 000000 ″]Water after a prayer

Word "Thank you"

Words "Love and Gratitude" "

Words "It's really cute"

Words "Disease, kill"

Healing music

Bach Symphony

Heavy metal

Spring water

Urban river water

[/ mks_pullquote]

Man's tendency to embrace materialism - when even people who yearn for spiritual growth search more or less unconsciously for some immediate tangible effect (touching, seeing, hearing, etc.) - contributes to the fact that people use the words and thoughts inadvertently. Thus, carefree, they regret, insult, chat in vain, in addition to also having bad thoughts, which is even worse ...

And all this because there is no tangible evidence about the influence of words and thoughts; or there wasn't until recently, when scientist Masaru Emoto did some experiments with water.

Emoto knew that water has an ability to absorb information in the form of different elements which water dissolves, so Masaru Emoto wanted to investigate whether water could also receive information from words. He has written various words like "love", "thank you", but also "fool", "demon", etc. in bottles with these inscriptions, leaving them untouched throughout the night and the next day froze it.

Next, Masaru Emoto looked at his crystals under the microscope. The results were surprising: the water crystals in the bottles where positive words such as "love" or "thank you" were written have formed beautiful symmetrical shapes - almost artistic, while the crystals with negative inscriptions have been chaotically molded, under an ugly and unpleasant.

So this is clear and "tangible" proof that words can significantly affect and influence irrefutably. But, let's look a little further. Water is one of the main elements in the construction of matter; It is one of the four elements of nature, it can be found in nature, in plants, in animals, in objects; even the human body is made up of more than 70% water.

So everything we say, even the most innocent word before our eyes, has a strong influence on ourselves, on the people around us, and on the entire environment. But let's look even further ...

The same scientist Masaru Emoto has observed in his microscope water crystals removed from the dam of a large city. The result is not difficult to predict: the water was impure and the crystals were misshapen and ugly. The same water was later taken to a monastery, so that he could say a prayer and bless it. The crystals of the same water then turned into a wonderful shape ...

But what influences the water is not the word itself, its phonetic sound, but its meaning and what the man vibrates in it, therefore his thoughts, emotions, purposes. Also because some words can have a meaning in one language that is completely the opposite in another language (for example, in Czech the meaning of the word "NE" is "NO", and in Greco the same word means "YES").

Then we can affirm that the thoughts themselves and especially the feelings have an immense power of effect that can affect destructively or carcinogenicly, but also in a creative and healthy way not only in our bodies, but also in our environment.

People wonder where all the diseases, natural catastrophes or other types of catastrophe come from; but we ourselves already have the answer: we are causing them. Although we do not perceive, we are given great power, but also great responsibility, because we have the possibility to influence the material part of creation through the force of our spirit and thus rule it.

The force of the human spirit is influencing everything in its environment, not just the water, where such effects can be demonstrated. When man can perceive it, he will be able to understand the meaning of the words: "forgive your enemies" and it will not cause any harm to something.

By accepting these invisible acts, you will surely be able to perceive in yourself the influence of food as you give thanks to your Creator for it, as well as many other things that until now, out of ignorance, you have neglected.

So, when you think or speak something in the future, keep in mind how powerful your thoughts and words are and what you are generating with them in that exact minute. The return of the effect of the words comes with the same intensity. Therefore, be careful with which influences you allow yourself to be approached - even when you meet other people or when you turn on the television or radio ...

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