United States isolated in the G20 for denying Climate Change

United States isolated in the G20 for denying Climate Change

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Greenpeace highlighted today that the G20 countries have assumed the need to act on climate change.

The final document of the summit reaffirms the decision of the majority of leaders to act for the planet's climate and isolates the United States, the only government that abandoned the Paris climate agreement in 2015, whose commitment seeks to keep below the 2 ° C increases the Earth's temperature and limit it to 1.5 ° C.

“That the G20 has managed to avoid climate denialism and has called for urgent action to avoid more natural catastrophes that affect millions of people and national economies is very important. The leaders said they take seriously the scientific evidence that warns of climate impacts such as hurricanes and wildfires. Now, they must reaffirm their commitment to eliminate the use of fossil fuels. ”, Said Mauro Fernández, Coordinator of Climate and Energy of Greenpeace in Argentina, Chile and Colombia, from the summit.

Likewise, regarding the references of the last report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) - top climate specialists of the United Nations - Fernández pointed out “That the importance of the last report has been noted is fundamental; It means cutting climate change emissions in half by 2030 and eliminating the use of fossil fuels by mid-century. If Argentina is consistent with this commitment, Vaca Muerta has an expiration date ”.

The result sends a strong signal for the next Climate Summit (COP24) starting tomorrow in Poland. The nineteen countries that have expressed their commitment to prevent further climate catastrophes must demonstrate that they listen to the voices of the most vulnerable countries and take urgent action. The task of the leaders at COP24 will be to set the rules for the Paris Agreement, and increase their ambition in reducing emissions to accelerate the fulfillment of its goals.

Source: Greenpeace

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