Horse breeds and equine breeds codes

Horse breeds and equine breeds codes

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The horse breeds acronyms and i codes of equine breeds they are used by enthusiasts and breeders to briefly indicate a specific breed of horse or a particular type.

In this article we propose some of the most used acronyms among horse breeders and the complete list of the codes of the equine breeds as defined by the Ministry of the Environment.

Horse breeds acronyms

AA: Anglo-Arab horse

BWP: Belgisch Warmbloedpaard - Cheval de sang belge - Belgian Warmblood or Belgian Half-breed or Belgian horse BWP

PRE: Pure Spanish breed horse (Pura Raza Española)

PSA: Pure Arabian horse

PSI: Pure English blood horse

QH: Quarter horse

SF: Selle Français

SI: Italian saddle horse

TPR: Heavy Rapid Draft Horse (full name Italian Heavy Rapid Draft Horse)

If you know of other acronyms used by breeders and horse enthusiasts, you can report them to [email protected] and we will add them to this list after verifying their accuracy.

Codes of equine breeds

Pony of Esperia B1

Salerno B2

Persano B3

Sanfratellano B4

Cavallino della Giara B5

Murgese B6

Samolaco B7

Tolfetan B8

Cavallino di Monterufoli B9

Horse spp C0

Anglo Norman D0

Franca D4

Pure Arabian Blood D5

Pure oriental blood D6

Pure East Anglo blood D7

Anglo Arab D8

Sardinian Anglo Arab D9

Horse of the Catria E0

Haflinger E1

Italian Agricultural T.P.R. E2

Pure English blood E3

Trotter E4

Maremmano E5

Bardigiano E6

Lipizzan E7

Ventasso Horse E8

Norico E9

Spanish saddle H0

Italian saddle H1

French saddle H2

Hannover H3

Holstein H4

Westfalia H5

ldenburg H6

Belgian saddle H7

Irish saddle H8

Dutch saddle H9

Breton J0

Wurttemberg J1

Hessen J2

Bayer J3

Trakehner J4

Arabic Tersk J5

Andalusian J6

Lusitano J7

Camargue delta J8

Franches Montagnes J9

Shetland Pony K0

Merens K1 horse

Quarter Horse K2

Appaloosa K3

Paint Horse K4

Morgan K5

Achal Techè K6

Budyonny K7

Connemara K8 pony

Welsh Pony K9

Apennine Horse X4

Roman Horse of the Lazio Maremma X5

Knabstrupper X6

Mestizos EE

Acronyms of Bodies and Associations related to horses

ANACAITPR: National Association of Italian Agricultural Horse Breeders TPR

ANACT: National Association of Trotter Horse Breeders

ENCI: Italian National Horse Organization (no longer existing)

ENPA: National Body for the Protection of Animals (the oldest and largest Italian animal rights association that also deals with the protection of horses).

IHP: Italian Horse Protection association

I.S.B.C .: International Stud Book Committee

Mipaaf: Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies

U.A.I.P.R.E. : Unification of Italian Associations Pura Raza Española

UNIRE: National Union for the increase of equine breeds

WBFSH: World Breeding Federation for Sport Horses

If you are aware of other Bodies and Associations acronyms related to horse breeding, horse breeds, horse protection or horse races, you can report them to us at [email protected] and we will add them to this list after checking them. fairness.

If you are interested in detailed information on horse breeds, you can read the cards we have dedicated to each breed accessible from this page with the alphabetical list of the equine breeds.