Animals with horns

Animals with horns

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Often metaphorically used to indicate a betrayal that has occurred, but the horns are an extremely important part of the animal's body. For self-defense and sometimes not just for this. It is therefore curious to go and find out which ones are animals with horns that today exist on our planet discovering that they are not at all similar to each other. Except for the presence of these protuberances that start from the frontal bone and they grow during the development phase. The horns are usually more pronounced in male specimens and may or may not be hollow.

Animals with horns: African buffalo

Lives in sub-Saharan savannas and it is of considerable size, it is even 170 centimeters tall and can weigh a ton. It is clear that it is one of the largest animals in its environment, it lives in groups and the males warn if there is a danger and guide others towards food. His enemies are the Nile crocodile and lion and also defends itself with horns which are thick and curved, larger in males.

Animals with horns: Chamois

Well known mammal belonging to the Bovidae family, the chamois is not very different from a goat and can be confusing, although there are substantial differences. It can be long from 1 meter to one and a half meters, the females are smaller and slender but the weight can vary a lot with age as well as with sex, up to adulthood, from about 5 years old.

Animals with horns: Snow goat

It lives where there is snow, but not everywhere, only in the North of America and is an artiodactyl mammal. Its name may be deceptive but it is not of the goat genus, its scientific name is Oreamnos americanus. It tolerates low temperatures very well and has theagility of the mountain goats with which he climbs among the rocks where he also builds his den. His appearances are very rare.

Animals with horns: Caribu

In the regions of North America, Europe, Asia and Greenland this very resistant mammal lives and is able to travel many kilometers every year without laboring, to migrate. It is one of the animals biggest in the world the Caribou and feeds on plants, those of the tundra, swallowing them up to 5 kg every day.

Animals with horns: Deer

The deer is an animal that will be known to all but this is not a good reason not to mention it, indeed. It is an animal that lives in the northern hemisphere and has an elegance which makes it stand out even from a distance. There are actually almost 30 different species that differ in size, fur colors and also horn shapes. It can weigh up to 200 kilos but the females are much smaller than the males and have less branched horns. To feed, they look for herbs and leaves while the horns are used in fights between contenders during the season of love.

Animals with horns: Greater Kudu

Unlike the Deer, few will already know this animal, it is a large African antelope that has long horns up to 125 centimeters and very particular in the shape of a "V", but above all with a double or triple spiral curvature. and they are very long. These animals live in Africa and feed on tall grass, with their pale fur with white lines on their backs they camouflage themselves in the vegetation, walk very slowly and are active at night

Animals with horns: Kob

The kob, or rather the Kobus kob, it is a mammal belonging to the Bovidae family and lives alone in sub-Saharan Africa, especially in wetlands such as grassy meadows and forest edges. It has the appearance of a large antelope, it can also measure 2.5 meters and weigh 300 Kg. Its coat is light brown, the eye contour, the front of the neck, and the abdomen are white, while the legs are completely black. The horns this time have only the males and are very particular, in the shape of a lyre, wound in a spiral. They are mainly used in the season of love and not to defend against enemies.

Horned animals: Mouflon

The mouflon is an animal that we hear about but few have seen it and really know it. We find it in some mountainous areas of Europe but also overseas, including United States, Hawaii, Chile and Argentina. We can compare it to a kind of sheep, but with a shorter and darker wool. The most spectacular horns the males have are that they are also more robust, usually they are horns that curve on the sides of the head, even 1 meter long. Mouflons live in flocks and fight with their horns at each mating season. Mouflon

Animals with horns: Silvicapra

We find this throughout sub-Saharan Africa small duiker, belonging to the Bovidae family. It almost never exceeds one meter in length and weighs from 10 to 20 kg, it is a maximum of 60 cm high. There Silvicapra it has a coat that can take on very different colors and shades between orange red to reddish or even grizzled gray but always with a white underside and a black muzzle, legs and nose as well as a tail composed of black fur with a tuft of white hair.

Animals with horns: Alpine ibex

Even in Italy, in our Alps, we can get to know this bovid that changes the color of its coat depending on the time of year. In winter the hair and skin become dark and thick while in summer they remain lighter and even lighter. The ibex is very agile, he skilfully climbs high mountains thanks to his strong legs. The horns have the males and they are a lot resistant, up to 1 meter long, curved and with horizontal 'lines'. The females also have horns, but much smaller, they are by no means comparable.

Animals with horns: Yak

It looks a lot like an Ox and what differentiates it is certainly the hair, long and thick and in continuous growth, so much so that at times it even rolls up. The scientific name is Bos grunniens and it is a majestic-looking animal, especially the males, which can weigh even more than 1000 kg while the females are around 300-400 kg.

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