Paint horse: characteristics

Paint horse: characteristics

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It looks like something out of a comic or western movie Paint Horse because of its coat and actually it is native to the United States even if it is admired and drawn all over the world and also bred elsewhere, not only overseas. Let's get to know its main characteristics, happy to know that even in Italy it is possible to find specimens to see and also to buy.

Horse Paint horse: origins

The history of ours Paint Horse it crosses with that of the Mustang horse we have already talked about. When the Spaniards landed in what is now the United States, they brought several horses including some piebald and wild ones that spread throughout the wholeNorth America. Various indigenous peoples learned to appreciate not only their aesthetics but also their speed and prowess and began to breed them. Among all the passionate populations, that of theComanches.

In the nineteenth century the cow boy who started from the Mustang breed and came to select a breed to which they gave a new name, the Quarter horse, making sure that it was an animal suitable for managing herds, therefore fast and athletic, without looking too much at the aesthetic side.

Only in the mid-twentieth century they established the genealogical register but the American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) did not want to register as Quarter Horses all the specimens that were born with the piebald cloak. What to do with the excluded?

They had quite a few fans because their looks were quite curious and interesting, and that was how in 1962 the American Paint Horse Association (APHA) and they began to register the horses discarded by the AQHA only because of their mottled coat. Today the breed is not seen at all as a race of the discarded even if it was born as such.

Paint horse: characteristics

As we have just learned, this horse is exactly the same as a Quarter horse, he is fast and agile, he is athletic and with a physique that makes him a true champion in the same western disciplines. It has an average height that for females can reach a minimum of 140 cm while for males it is close to a maximum of 165, the weight is around 500 kg.

The real and only peculiarity of the Paint Horse it is definitely the mantle for which it was once discriminated against and is now sought after. At the competitions of color class sparkles as in this discipline only coloring is evaluated.

Paint horse: variety

Depending on the size of the animal, we can find it classified as tobiano, overo and tovero.

The Paint horse Tobiano has a "normal" piebald coat, it is the most common variety that has uniform sizes that usually have a rounded shape. The head of the Paint Horse Tobiani it is monochromatic or almost and can also have the list, besides the limbs are entirely white in color as if he had dipped into the paint to a certain level. Most of the spots are on the back and arrive under the muzzle and on the chest, forming a sort of "shield". It is always a part white, part of another color, one of the two predominates, both can do it.

The Overo is a Paint Horse with a usually white head but with colored legs and almost never white, it also has spots that have very irregular and jagged shapes.

Horses of this variety are characterized by a genetic anomaly it accompanies if they carry the dominant gene Overo and when they cross there is a one in four chance of generating a foal with a white coat. Unfortunately, these foals die after a very short time because together with the white coat they also carry a malformation of the intestine always associated with the dominant gene Overo, which is why horses Overo they are less numerous than the Tobianos.

The third Paint Horse variety mentioned is the Tovero, the name is a cross between the previous two and even the horses that are part of it are a cross between the two.

Horse Paint horse: character

Imagining them running around in western scenarios, between cowboys and grazing cows, it may come naturally to us to think of horses that are a bit wild but in truth this breed despite being strong and independent he is decidedly calm in nature and reliable. She is described as lively but never surly therefore suitable for trotting.

Paint horse: breeding

In the province of Vicenza we can find a kennel entirely dedicated to this breed, the "Rodeghiero Paints ", located in Mure, in the hamlet of Colceresa, a small Venetian town, lost in the Vicenza hills. These stables are located in one of the most beautiful places in the Venetian foothills: at the foot of the Asiago plateau, a few steps from important centers of historical and artistic interest such as Marostica, Bassano del Grappa and Asolo.

The panorama that you can enjoy from the center is particularly suggestive and if you pass by there to see a Paint Horse in real life and understand if it is what it is for us, you can enjoy a view that embraces the whole Venetian plain up to the Berici hills and the hills Euganei. If it is clear, you can even see the Venice lagoon.

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