Because telling lies is bad for your health

Because telling lies is bad for your health

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Whether or not it is correct to lie from a moral point of view is something that I leave to each of us to decide but it has been proven that it is not convenient because telling lies is bad for your health. There is a scientific study that proves this, but even those who lie regularly can probably confirm that having something to hide constantly causes great stress and this stress hurts in the long run. Research from the University of Notre Dame in Indiana found that in particular it can cause headaches, sore throats, melancholy and tension.

Why telling lies is bad for your health: study

It all stems from an experiment, presented at a convention of the American Psychological Association a few years ago by a psychology professor at the University of Notre Dame in Indiana who wanted to study the influence of lying on our health. He took 110 people and subjected them to clinical tests and even a lie detector. People of various ages and origins, adults. After two months he crossed paths with i data on lies with those of health to understand if there are correlations. Well there are several: lies not only cause stress but also physical symptoms.

Insincere people seem to be more fragile and tend to get sick more, they often suffer from headaches, they may have sore throats or intestines, as well as falling into depression or living stressed or tense. There is also a secondary effect: lies have a strong impact also on personal relationships and in the long run they ruin them. Feeling more alone, we become saddened or depressed further by increasing the dose of problems that we have already listed.

Could the study results be coincidences? It would be strange because a 3 times lower weekly number of lies compared to that detected in other weeks, there corresponded a number of psychological disorders reported 4 times lower and a number of physical problems 3 times lower. These are numbers that speak for themselves and suggest that we tell the truth as much as possible because it reduces stress levels. Sometimes we don't realize it but the internal conflict that we find ourselves experiencing every time we tell lies is very strong, even in serial liars.

This study must not be misunderstood: telling the truth does not guarantee us eternal and healthy life, if we have to get sick we still get it and it is not always saying what we think we will keep away. pathologies and disorders. Of course on a psychological level, however, we will notice strong improvements, good mood and more frequent serenity. Telling lies creates shadows and takes away our smile, it's like carrying around a ghost or a bomb ready to explode.

Why lying is bad for your health: symptoms

One of the most common physical symptoms among liars is stress-related headaches. Being a liar if you think about it requires great attention because we must never be caught out. The truth is the truth, we must not struggle to prove it and above all we must not fear that someone will deny us with facts, bringing proofs against us. If we have a lie on our hands instead we must always be on guard, on alert, because at any moment we could be discovered. That's why the headache and we have not considered guilt and its weight because we don't want to assume that we all have guilt for lying.

Another physical problem related to lying is a sore throat. This connection seems very Dantesque, it smacks of retaliation because we tell lies with our voice and there the throat inflames: a signal, perhaps? The fact is that throat irritations and consequent lowering of voice often plague those who tell lies.

The other symptoms of lying are those that come with stress and that can range from colitis to gastritis, from psoriasis to insomnia.

Why telling lies is bad for your health: tips

Those who want to lie with conviction also lie, there is no way to change their mind, but there are many who say they lie so as not to hurt another person or to avoid complications. Understandable on the one hand, but on the other, this version is based on a concept of telling the truth a little extreme at times. Telling the truth does not always mean blurting out everything we think in the face of others without filters and without examining reality. And we can also omit facts if they hurt too much, instead of lying. There are always different ways to tell what one thinks or has done and we can learn to find the one that does not hurt the other but that allows us not to lie. It is difficult at times but it avoids us quite a lot constant headache and a lot of stress. We end with a very acute sentence, not mine but which I consider key. Convincing in my opinion for those who argue that lying is not so serious.

"The real punishment for those who lie is not that they are no longer believed, but that they cannot believe anyone."

(George Bernard Shaw)


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