The innovative solar energy system that transforms ocean water into drinking water

The innovative solar energy system that transforms ocean water into drinking water

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Water is undeniably the most precious gift that Mother Earth offers us. Without water, in fact, there can be no life. Our own body, which is made up of about 70 percent of this irreplaceable liquid, knows perfectly well.

Protect water, common good par excellence, it is a duty for all of us. Avoiding unnecessary first of all waste. But also guaranteeing access to the many populations in the world who cannot use it. With serious risks for their survival.

Availability of drinking water and climate change

Climate change is a bitter enemy to face for all those geographical areas where the presence of drinking water is already limited. It becomes evident as periods of Drought - one of the many effects of global warming in course - can heavily affect the availability of this asset. It should also be remembered that in similar contexts, the control of water resources is often in the hands of those in power, without the people having free access to it.

In many territories of the planet, the so-called Water Wars, the wars of water, are a sad consolidated reality. As highlighted by the World Bank, over 500 conflicts related to water control have so far been documented. A figure destined to grow .. It is estimated that by 2030, 47% of the world population will live in areas with high water stress. To say it are the United Nations, with data in hand from which it is clear that water issues represent an urgent need. A pressing issue on which world stability indissolubly depends.

Fortunately, there is no shortage of efforts around the world to find concrete solutions to address this thorny problem. Starting from experiments and projects capable of finding or, rather, creating drinking water using alternative methods.

Ocean water transformed into drinking water

Ensuring access to drinking water has become a real challenge forGivePower NGO, which built the first water desalination plant powered with solar power. The system is capable of transforming the ocean's salt water into clean drinking water, quenching the thirst of 35,000 people every day.

A first pilot test was carried out in the city of Kiunga, in Kenya, characterized by a very arid territory. The plant has already significantly improved the lives of local inhabitants who, before its installation, were forced to take an hour's journey to be able to recover water, moreover contaminated and dirty, because it was also used by animals.

Now the next step is to replicate the technology in other countries of the world, where the water resources they are lacking and difficult to access.

The choice of solar panels is strategic. Traditional desalination plants, in fact, require large amounts of energy, proving in many cases impossible to build in areas without connections to the electricity grid. Traditional systems also involve costs that are often unsustainable.

As pointed out by GivePower, the quality of the water that can be obtained through their system is undoubtedly better than that obtained with a typical desalination plant. Their apparatus is also innovative on the environmental front, based on the use of renewable energy.

In short, it is a system with enormous potential. We hope that, with all the relevant developments, the project is destined to become a real support for all those populations who cannot enjoy the privilege of free, healthy and daily access to drinking water. Because water must and can be everyone's right.



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