What to eat for beautiful hair

What to eat for beautiful hair

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If you think that to have beautiful hair just wash them often and with quality products, you are wrong because if you do not know what to eat to have beautiful hair you have no chance of success. I don't want to "threaten" you but it is important to keep this fact in mind, before running into disappointments because we have used expensive shampoo and the most natural conditioner that exists but we may find ourselves with some dull hair and lacking in volume.

It is certainly important to use quality products, to avoid washing the hair weaken or get damaged, but the hair must also be nourished from within and "taken care of". It is therefore important that our diet does not lack those elements that are needed such as fruit, vegetables, eggs, legumes, cereals.

Now we are going to better see what they are for specifically but start taking note. These are the ingredients of a diet for healthy and beautiful hair, to maintain them or to treat them if they are brittle, dull. Let's not lose hope: with a fixed diet and i right products, our hair can become thick and bright again and there are foods that can also help us to prevent hair from falling out too quickly.

What to eat to nourish the hair

Few people know that hair is mainly made up of proteins. This means that if we don't eat enough, we risk having a brittle hair and with the ruined and weak air. We can see such an effect in people who want to follow a vegetarian diet but are unable to properly compensate for the absence of meat and end up losing their hair or finding it thin and brittle.

There are other elements that contribute to the nourishment of the hair, the main ones are zinc, beta carotene, vitamin C and Omega 3 fatty acids. Zinc, important because at the base of the production of androgens which, if in insufficient quantity, can cause hair loss and promote the formation of dandruff. We find zinc in some meats such as lean beef and liver but also in vegetables such as spinach and pumpkin, or in peanuts. The beta carotene it is famous for tanning but is also used for something else, for example to prevent dry scalp and dandruff but also makes hair brighter. We find it in carrots but also in pumpkin, asparagus, cauliflower and sweet potatoes.

Vitamin C is in lots of fruits and in lots of vegetables: citrus fruits, strawberries, broccoli, spinach, chard and all dark green leafy vegetables, rich foods. Treats dry and brittle hair. Vitamin A is almost as important for the well-being of the scalp while B6 contributes to the creation of keratin and is hidden in spinach but also in legumes and nuts. Fatty acids Omega 3 they are in oily fish, such as sardines, herring, mackerel and even salmon, but also in walnuts and flax seeds, they help make hair stronger. We also find flax seeds in many hair products.

What NOT to eat for beautiful hair

While it is important to have a complete diet, there are some foods that we should not say ban but at least limit drastically. I am referring to the simple sugars that have a inflammatory effect. Foods containing it have a too high glycemic index and they're not good for your hair. This does not mean that we must eliminate sugars from the diet, in its entirety, because having beautiful hair does not mean losing weight, it is simply enough to prefer those foods that have slow-release sugars, such as fruits and vegetables.

What to eat to prevent hair loss

If we want to delay the hair loss, we must ensure that our diet never lacks iron which is also important for their regrowth. This element plays an important role in the process of creating hemoglobin that oxygenates the tissues including the scalp. By eating foods such as lean red meat, chicken, turkey, egg yolk, dried fruit, legumes and wholemeal flours, we will have strong hair and we will also have a lot of it. Calcium also contributes to hair growth and we find a lot of it in dairy products.

We try to choose the leaner ones like the cheese and skim milk, rich in proteins and therefore also nourishing for the hair.

What to eat for beautiful and strong hair

If you have already figured out what to eat for beautiful hair, let's see how to strengthen it, if needed. Eggs are certainly the solution because they are rich in biotin, which stimulates regrowth and contributes to the well-being of the hair.

A help can also be given bananas, oats and raisins because they contain silicon. Other ingredients that should not be missing in a diet for beautiful hair are almonds, peanuts, bran, avocado, salmon and low-fat cheeses. Let's not forget to dress with extra virgin olive oil. To have shiny and not dry, dull and dull hair, you need at least a teaspoon a day.

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