Peruvian guinea pig: how long it lives

Peruvian guinea pig: how long it lives

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Peruvian guinea pig: how long it livesand how to increase life expectancy. Care and things to know for guinea pig breeding. Useful tips.

Among the breeds of guinea pigs there is the very popularPeruvian guinea pigwhich stands out for itslong hair. Before you seehow long does a Peruvian guinea pig livewe make important permissions.

Guinea pig: meaning

Thereguinea pigit's an animal. Its scientific name isCavia porcellusalthough it is popularly known asguinea pig. There are severalStingrayofguinea pigand, among these, the Peruvian guinea pig it is probably the most popular.

The termguinea pighowever, it can also hide another meaning. Cavia porcellus is native to South America where it comes fromdomesticatedby indigenous peoples since the pre-Columbian era.

If with us theguinea pigit is just a pet, in many countries around the globe the guinea pig is bred for food. In past years, thecavia porcellusit was widely used in experimentation and so, the term "guinea pig" is still used today to indicate anylaboratory animal(mouse, rabbit, rat ...) and is sometimes also used to indicate a person who "acts as a guinea pig ", that is, it lends itself to experimenting with something new and unexpected.

Peruvian guinea pig: how long it lives

Among the variousbreeds of guinea pig, thatPeruvianit is certainly the most demanding. It is also known aslong-haired guinea pig. Its hair, in fact, can even exceed 10 cm. ThereAbyssinian guinea piginstead, it is a breed with semi-long hair while the English guinea pig has short hair.

TherePeruvian guinea pigit needs more care because of the thick and long coat that must be brushed and cleaned daily.

Peruvian guinea pig: how long does it live?

Generalizing, the average life spanof thePeruvian guinea pigit is no different to that of other guinea pig breeds. So how long do you live? On average, this animal lives approximately 7 or 8 years.

Life expectancies improve when the animal is in company, which is why we recommend raising the Peruvian guinea pig in small groups or at least in pairs.

Treatments to be dedicated to the guinea pig

If companionship and community life can increase the lifespan ofGuinea pigs, it is also important to say that there are errors that can often undermine the health ofguinea pigs.

In the care to dedicate to guinea pigs particular attention should be paid to the space dedicated to the growth of the animal, hygiene and nutrition.

Amongfoods not to be administered to Peruvian guinea pig we point out cereals (seeds and flours) and other potentially harmful foods such as:

  • snacks for rodents (they are too high in sugar)
  • pellets based on cereals or cereal seeds
  • milk
  • milk derivatives
  • bakery products
  • cookies
  • bread
  • dried fruit
  • chocolate
  • desserts
  • green parts of solanaceae (potatoes, aubergines, tomatoes, peppers, goji berries, belladonna, tobacco ...)

Theguinea pig, in fact, it ispurely herbivorous. His digestive system is delicate. L'grassit should be the basis of his diet even if at home it is not always possible.

Feeding of the Peruvian guinea pig

In its nutrition, the Peruvian guinea pig try to prefer grass (which also has a high amount of water). Grass can be replaced by polyphite meadow hay, that is, with the simultaneous presence of a good number of plant varieties. For convenience, manufacturers sell polyphite grass in the form of pellets, which is why the guinea pigit must always have a source of clean water. In nature, the Peruvian guinea pig derives much of the water it needs from the fresh grass it eats.

Among the best foods forPeruvian guinea pigwe point out “Bynni Basic”. It is a blend of 42 different herbs harvested in untreated fields and 100% natural. The feed also incorporates some wildflowers. The mixture reflects the herbaceous species that thePeruvian guinea pigit would find in its natural habitats.

Feed forPeruvian guinea pigsyou can buy them in "pet shops", stores specializing in pets or using the Amazon purchase. For example, a 4 kg package of the aforementioned feed can be bought on Amazon at a price of 27.22 euros with free shipping. For all the info: Bunny Basic.

Note: keep in mind that guinea pigs do not synthesize vitamin C, so it must be integrated with the diet. Make sure you buy a food enriched with vitamin C.

What does the Peruvian guinea pig eat?

In addition to the herb mix (which must be her staple diet), thePeruvian guinea pigs eat:

  • Carrot
  • Fennel
  • Cabbages
  • Cabbage
  • Broccoli
  • Parsley
  • Kiwi
  • Strawberries
  • Citrus fruits
  • … Other vegetables, leafy greens, wild herbs and fruit

Raising the Peruvian guinea pig free at home

If you intend to breedfree peruvian guinea pigs at homeit is important to ensure that any domestic accidents are prevented. To wonderhow long does a Peruvian guinea pig liveand then falling into carelessness is by no means the right approach for the breeding of any animal. In the article dedicated to the breeding of guinea pigs at home, you will find all the useful information: free guinea pig at home.



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